Isabelle – Chapter 31& 32

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter Thirty one🌺

💕Connor Braxton 💕

I opened my eyes slowly, my vision was blurry.
I sat up and looked around my surroundings.

Why am l here?

My necklace,they took my necklace, l said as the event of last night came rushing in.

Oh no! Isabelle! This is bad, they must have arrested her.
I don’t know how Dad will react to this.

Why was l abducted?
Who is behind this, could it be the same person responsible for the numerous attacks.

“Mr Connor” l heard Felix voice.

“The hell Felix! why are you talking in my head?”

“Am not talking in your head, l placed an SCD on you.”

“What?, How come you are very smart.”

“Why did l not know of this?”

“I placed it when you were asleep.”

“How is lsabelle?”

“She is okay!”

“That’s not what l want to hear.”

“I was able to control the situation, l sent her back home.”

“I knew you have been abducted, l have found out everything.”

“What did you find out?”.

“This matter is complicated Mr Connor, l really don’t know how you will react to everything,but right now l need to find you, l don’t think he knows the truth yet, that’s why he is hell-bent on killing you.”

“Who are you talking about?” I asked and the door creaked open.

My eyes widened.


“Mr Connor” he said and bowed slightly.

“Why are you here? Did you bring me here?” I asked but kept shut as a figure appeared in the room.

My mouth hung open and my eyes widened.


“Hello brother” he said and forced a smile.

“Wyatt!” I called and chuckled.
This is unbelievable.

“So it’s really is you? You brought me here? You abducted me?”

“Hahahaha, little brother you were just too stupid to figure it out.”

“No l wasn’t stupid, or should l say l was stupid by trusting you too much.”

“I had doubts but my trust for you was too strong.”

“Why do you badly want to kill me?”
“What have l done?”

Author’s pov

“Philip bring the files” Wyatt said and philip came back with two documents and gave them to Wyatt and Wyatt gave them to Connor.

Connor’s face turned pale immediately be read the first page of the file.

“What’s this nonsense” he asked irritated.

“Are you surprised?”

“You see it Connor, you are paying for the sins of your mother.”

“I have complete evidence that your mother killed my mother, l would have gone for your mother but she is too influential and cautious and decietful.”

“I must avenge the death of my mother, that’s was why l wanted to fulfill her greatest desire to become the only heir, l hate competitions, l hate to compete for what is rightfully mine.”

“You are my greatest obstacle Connor , so l have to get rid of you quickly.”

“My mother will never do such, l understand the fact that you want to be come an only heir, l don’t want to become an heir either, you can be the heir am very okay with it afterall you are the first born son but framing my mother as am excuse of getting rid of me is obscene.”

“You still don’t believe it after seeing those files with you? You think l faked it?You are a coward Connor, you see the problem is you trust people way too much and that’s gonna be the end of you.”

“I still have another interesting thing to show you.”

“Philip give him the other document.”

“What? ”

“What? Cat gat your tongue, speechless huh!”

“You see it Connor, how do you think lsabelle will feel when she finds out her lovers mother killed her father?”

“I bet she is going to hate you for the rest of her life.”

“I don’t believe you Wyatt, you are a liar, l know my mother is desperate, but going to this extent, l just can’t believe this.”

“Offcourse you won’t you never believe anything.”

“You think everyone is as softhearted and foolish like you?”

“Humans can go to any extent to get what they want, they can do anything, anything just to achieve their aim.”

“I don’t have time to explain things to you, when you get to hell the devil will explain better.”

“Philip kill him and throw his body in the ocean, that was the same way Mrs Braxton killed my mother and am going to give her the honor of seeing her son’s deadbody in the ocean.”

“Wyatt there is still something l want to know, where you really behind those numerous attacks, from the very beginning had you ever felt any remorse? Do you even see me as a brother or an enemy you want to kill so badly?”

“Yes l was behind the attacks but it’s a mystery how you always survived, yes right from when you turned Eighteen, the sniper incident, the car accident, the ambush,each and every one was planned by me, have never felt regret especially when dealing with my enemy and you know what that means l don’t see you and will never see you as a brother,you disgust me Connor,l hate you.”

“You were right Wyatt, am really stupid, am the most stupid mundane on Earth,but l will try to pretend l didn’t hear those words you said.”

“Why do l feel like you are doing this to get lsabelle.”

“Connor you always took everything as ordinary, when l said l loved lsabelle,l meant it,this is same as killing two birds with one stone.”

“Philip shot him.”



🌺 Chapter Thirty Two 🌺

“Wait”l yelled.

“I have something to say, father has made you an heir already l saw it with my eyes.”

“Keep shut,you are lying.”

“Why will l lie when a gun is being pointed at me?”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“I thought it was normal since you are the first born.”

“I want to see it with my eyes, take me there.”

“We can’t leave now,the place is heavily guarded so we have to sneak in to get the document.”

His phone rang interrupting the conversation.

“Philip you know what to do with him, l will be right back.”

“Alright boss” Philip said and Connor left.

“Am sorry Mr Connor” Philip said feebly and dragged me into a dark room and locked the door behind him.

“Now am Stucked in this dark room.”

“Mr Connor.”

“Felix, what’s up.”

“Please sir just hold on for a little while am trying to hack through Philips account and get the location of the place.”

“Does my father know about this.”

“No l told him you went on a business trip.”

“Good, he must not know about this.”.

“Since when have you known Wyatt was behind those things.”

“Since l hacked through his account and that was just few days ago.”

“Felix are you hiding something,you said something like he doesn’t know that’s why he is hell-bent on killing you.”

“Who were you talking about?”

“Mr Wyatt.”

“What does he not know?”

“Mr Connor we can’t discuss this on phone, l don’t know how to say this things and don’t know how you will react to it either, but l have to get you out of there as soon as possible.”

“I trust you Felix,l don’t think is wrong to trust someone but it’s sad when you find out those people are not worthy to be trusted.”

“Please make sure lsabelle is okay.”

“I will.”

I sighed and as l recalled what transpired few minutes ago.

Is it through mother did those things, mother, Killing lsabelle’s father, but why?
I really need to get the hell out of this place.
I need the whole truth.



Mrs Newton

I opened my eyes slowly and l blinked rapidly.

Where am l?
My hands were tyed so were my legs.

This place is so gloomy.
Where am l?

The last thing l remembered is getting some snacks from the restaurant and was about to enter my car when two strong arms grabbed me and l passed out.

This must be Helen’s plan.
Have already prepared myself for this, l knew she will come for me as soon as she fine out Brielle left the country.

I sighed and stayed put,my hands and legs were hurting badly.

The door opened to reveal a tatted looking man,he entered and pointed a pistol at me.

“Hey lady, where is the hell is your fucking daughter?” He asked in a rich intalian accent.

I chuckled softly.

“I don’t know” l replied without express a hint of fear.

“Speak now, or l blow off your fucking head” he threatened and l chuckled.

“Say it now” he said again and hissed loudly getting pissed.

“Let her be” l heard the familar voice.

I knew she is the one.

The Italian young man glared at me and stomped off.

“Kat where did you hide her? She is my daughter after all, you don’t have the right to interfere on what l planned to do with her.”

“Why are you doing this to your children?huh! Why are you so heartless” l asked and she gasped in surprise.

This is the very first time in twenty two years have talked back at her after the incident.

“Why are you destroying your own children? Have you ever thought of the consequences if they find out, do you think they will find a place in their heart to forgive you?if it were me there will never be such place in my heart to forgive an unrepentant sinner like you.”

“They grew up not being able to remember anything, you destroyed their relationship, they don’t even know each other.”

“When you saw Shelly didn’t you regret it, why are you so hardhearted?”

“You neglected your children and took my child and you even killed there father, you think l don’t know Mr Lightwood was the secretary responsible for your pregnancy at that time.”

“But what l still don’t know is why? Why did you kill him?, Even if you both were not together he is still the father of your children.”

“Although you never told him Brielle was his child , he took care of her in so many ways, if not for him she could have died from the trauma.”

“Stop lecturing me kat,you killed someone too.”

“Yes l killed Lightwood because he threatened to tell Braxton the truth and was secretly investigating the death of Wyatt’s mother.”

“How many souls Helen? How many have you destroyed just to achieve your selfish aim, including your daughter Shelly.”

“What? How did you……..”

“Oh! You thought l don’t know, Shelly told me everything before she was confirmed dead.”

“That day she was crying to see your husband, she kept saying she wanted to see Braxton and l told the driver to take her to your masion.”

“But unfortunately Braxton was not home and the poor little girl saw a murder scene, she watched you murder Wyatt’s mom in cold blood and she fainted.”

“To keep your secret you rushed her to the hospital claiming she was short of breath, she told me everything before you faked her death and probably wiped out her memories.”

“Are you even human, what kind of mother are you?”

“After then Brielle couldn’t live with the trauma, and so was Connor after they saw Shelly’s limp body.”

“I had to do something because Brielle couldn’t handle the trauma, she always gone beserk and and cut herself with sharp objects and Mr Lightwood helped me.”

“He is the reason Brielle is still alive today.”

“And my son husband wasn’t left out he got an accident after hearing the news about Shelly’s death.
And so was your husband because he loved Shelly alot, Braxton fell sick for many days.

And my son wasn’t left out,he was traumatized, this is the reason he hates going to the hospital till date, he lost his best friend.


🌺Chapter Thirty three🌺

But it’s funny how fate played a trick on you.

The doctor who confirmed Shelly’s death, happened to be Mrs Lightwood and she adopted her and what’s more funny is that her husband happened to be Mr Lightwood the father of the child.

After that she quit being a doctor and left the country.
Fate really played a good one on you.

Have known this things for a while now but you never knew.

I guess you couldn’t recognize Mrs Lightwood as that doctor anymore and my Zayn couldn’t recognize Shelly either, l think he haven’t seen the tattoo on her shoulder.

I don’t know what you did to Shelly’s memories but l pray those memories never return.

I pity Mr Lightwood, he never knew Shelly and Brielle were his children before you killed him and Shelly doesn’t know about this thing either.

Am willing to pay for my sins am done with this game.

I was so naive and stupid back then.
Give my son back and you are free to tell the world l killed Maureen.



🌺 Brielle 🌺

After listening to the conversation between mom and Mrs Braxton l dailed Barbara’s number quickly.

“Hello Barbara.”

“Hey Brielle”

“I now know how it all happened.”

“How did you find out?”

“I placed a bug on mom.”


“Yes mom has been abducted by Mrs Braxton and she is looking for me.”

“Is she human?”

“Don’t think so, she is a devil.”

“You can’t believe what l just heard.”

“Isabelle was there when Mrs Braxton killed Wyatt’s mom, due to shock she fainted and Mrs Braxton rushed her to the hospital and paid the doctor to fake her death, but before then lsabelle had told everything to mom.

Fortunately she was adopted by the doctor who faked her death and Mr Braxton’s secretary happened to be her husband Mr Lightwood but he net knew lsabelle was his daughter even before he was killed.”

“Holly hell!”
“I heard he was a lawyer.”

“Yes and a doctor too, he was the one that made the drugs to suppress my memories after lsabelle was confirmed mom said l went beserk and cut myself with sharp objects so she had to make me forget.
And secondly Connor and lsabelle were best friends then before she was confirmed dead but Connor doesn’t know that lsabelle is Shelly, he doesn’t recognize her.”

“Why did Mrs Braxton kill Mr Lightwood?”

“He threatened to confess to Mr Braxton and was secretly investigating the murder of Wyatt’s mom.”

“Hmmm does Wyatt know all this?”

“He doesn’t, but l think he knows Mrs Braxton killed his mother.”

“What age were you both when this happened.”

“I don’t know bit l think we might have grown a little since lsabelle was able to tell what she saw.”

“Yeah true, this is the worst story have ever heard, do things like this really happen?”

“Well it happened.”

“Am sorry to say this but Mrs Braxton ought to be buried alive or should be burnt to death, what kind of a human is she?

“This is unbelievable like how will someone be this mischievous.”

“Am afraid lsabelle won’t be able to take this, she is too softhearted, she is gonna break down.”

“Don’t worry she will be fine, l will tell you how she is faring from time time.”

“Alright thanks Barbara for everything.”

“Don’t mention girlfriend please be careful.”

“I will bye” l said and hung up.

Isabelle l hope you will be able to handle this.



💕 Connor Braxton💕

It ve been two days have heard from Felix.

I sighed and hissed restlessly.

Have not seen Wyatt neither have l seen Philip.

The hell! Am starving.

“Mr Connor” Felix called.
“Finally what took you so long?”

“Am sorry sir l had to be careful, Wyatt will be home soon so we have less than an hour to get you out of there.”

“I know your location and am sending someone to pick you up.”

“A young man wearing a hoodie, please follow him out when he comes.”

“Sure l will, am tired already.” I murmured.


Minutes later the guy with the hoodie arrived and he bowed slightly.

“Enough with the formalities get me out of here” l said pissed.

He helped me out of the apartment and a car was already there waiting for us.

We got In the car and the driver drove off.

“How did you get the keys to the apartment.”

“It was my Felix.”

That man is way too smart, what could l have done without him?

Now l know my enemy, this time am not going to let him win, l can never be fooled twice.

“Mr Connor”Felix spoke from the SCD.

“Yes Felix”

“Where are you?”

“Am heading home.”

“Oh no! This is bad there is an emergency.”

“What happened is it my father?”


“What? lsabelle!”

“She jumped off an hospital building and is in coma.”
Who is awake?


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