Isabelle – Chapter 34

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter Thirty four 🌺

😒Mrs Braxton😒

“You know the consequence of breaking the contract Kat and l won’t spare you.”

“You can’t kill me Helen not when Brielle knows everything,do you think she so dumb not to know that you were the one that killed me?”

“You murderer, you dare tell Brielle everything.”

“Yes l agree, am a murderer but this game stops now, l want my son back, no matter how he reacts l want him to find out the truth so l can be at peace with myself, you can the the world l killed Maureen, l will take full responsibility for my actions.”

“Are you nuts? You want me to walk up to Connor then tell him am not his biological mother? That can never happen Connor is mine.Do you think it’s that simple,he is not going to forgive you when he finds out loud, he has seen me as his biological mother already, we started it already and there is no going back.”

“I just have to find Brielle, you breached the contract Kat but am going to spare you but you might not be this lucky after am done with Brielle.”

“What are you planning to do with her?you are going to wipe her memories too! What kind of a human are you?”

“Shut up Kat, l have to find Brielle and what l intend to do to her is none of your business.”

“Where did you hide her?”

“Don’t waste your time Helen, l sent her to a place l know you can’t locate.”

“Fine you are going to remain here and be starved to death.”

“Hahahaha! Helen this isn’t twenty two years ago when l was your puppet am done being your puppet, am done.”

“Fine! Enjoy your stay here, but have this in mind if l lay my hands on Brielle am going to kill you.”

“Hahahaha! good luck Helen.”

“You are gonna beg me kat.”

“Good luck on that too you devil.”

“Am going to crush you Kat wait for me.”

“We shall see to that Helen.”



💕 Connor Braxton 💕

“What the hell! How did this happen, this is bullshit Felix l told you to fucking look after her.”

“Take me to the hospital” l told the driver.

“Sir the address.”

“Take me to the goddamn hospital.”

“But Sir l don’t know the address” the driver said.

“Felix what hospital?” I asked.



“That’s same hospital her mother was admitted.”

“Yes sir she suddenly ran out crying from her room and started screaming, yelling and saying she wants to see her mother and l told the driver to take her to the hospital.”

“According to the driver she rushed into the hospital and came running out mintues later crying uncontrollably and a young girl about her age was running after her and then in a twinkle of an eye she jumped off the building from the third floor where she was standing, the nurses rushed downstairs but found out she was already unconscious and seriously injured.”

“She jumped off from the third floor of the building?”

“Yes sir.”

“The third floor, the third floor, the third floor.”

“Mr Connor are you still there.”

“Felix you mean she jumped off from the third floor of the building, the third floor? I have to see her nooooooooooooooh! This can’t happen take me to the hospital.”

“But Sir …..”


“No Mr Connor you can’t visit the hospital” Felix said from the SCD.

“Now” l told the driver.

“No please sir Connor you know you can’t visit the hospital l will go check up on her for you.”

“Shut up Felix, stop spurting nonsense, do you even know how l feel l feel, oh my God! It’s all my fault l couldn’t protect her, l couldn’t she is my fiancee for fuck sake and she is dying.”

“Please sir Connor you can’t visit the hospital again please.”

“Shut up Felix, l don’t want to hear any more.”

“The fuck are you still waiting for? take me to the hospital.”

“But Sir.”

“Just shut up and drive.”

What the hell is happening, why will lzzy jump off an hospital building, why was she crying? This is bad real bad , Coma? oh no this can’t happen, why do you have to do this to me Isabelle, l don’t know what it is but you should have endured a little more for my sake, what am l gonna do without you.

“Drive faster” l told the driver.

After the long drive we arrived the hospital.

I rushed out from the car and ran into the hospital.

“Where is lsabelle Lightwood” l asked the the nurse at the reception worriedly
but she was busy drooling and giggling.”

“I know am quite eye catching but can you tell me you where is lsabelle Lightwood.”

“Huh, hmmm emmm l mean she is in oh let me check” she blabbered out stupidly.

Stupid woman.

“She is in ward 7” she said why giggling.

“Let me show you” she offered.

But my head was spinning already, memories came rushing in.

Shelly! Shelly! Shelly! I murmured and l slumped to the floor.

The nurse got hold of me quickly.

What’s happening call the doctor, bring the stretcher were the last thing l heard and everything went blank.




“What do you mean by you can’t find him?” I yelled at those bunch of useless fellows.

“Please sir you should calm down there is an urgent matter.”

“Yes Philip.”

“It’s about lsabelle” he said and l got up immediately.

“What happened to her?”

“She is in Coma, she jumped off an hospital building.”


“How is that possible? Why?”

“I don’t know sir but she is currently in coma.”

“The fuck! Why will this happen.”

“Hospital address.”

“It’s Decrot.”

“That’s the same hospital her mother was admitted.”

“Yes boss.”

“Take me there.”

“I want to see Connor when l return cowards make sure you find him.”

“Yes boss” they replied.

“Isabelle what happened to you?”




😒Mrs Braxton 😒

I rushed to the hospital and saw my son lying face up, shivering badly and murmuring words.

What happened to my son?

“Felix what happened to my son and what’s he saying, where is the doctor why is he shivering badly?”

The doctor walked in.

“You are Mrs Braxton, my pleasures to meet you.”

“Save the formalities, why is my son shivering, what’s happening to my son.”

“Who is Shelly?”


“Yes l think this always happens to him when he recall a memory of that person, have done what l can and he will wake up soon.”

“Felix have you known about this and since when.”

“Since he turned Eighteen when he was shot by hoodlums and admitted, this same thing happened, it happened repeatedly whenever he visits the hospital even if it’s just for check up he always end up like this that’s why we called the doctor over anytime he was ambushed we feared this same thing might happen.”

“My goodness! Why did you keep it away from me?”

“I thought he has gotten over Shelly but l was wrong.”

“How long those it takes for him to wake up?”

“He will wake up soon, it’s just an emotional stigma, that person was very dear to him that’s why he ends up like this when the memories are triggered.”

“Since this always happens when he visits the hospital please make sure he stops visiting the hospital.”

“Why did Connor visit the hospital? Was he ambushed again?”

“No he came to see lsabelle, she was admitted and his in Coma.”



“Where is lsabelle , lsabelle!”

“Connor, my son you are awake!”

“Isabelle, l want to see lsabelle.”

“Connor please wait you are not feeling fine.”

“Am fine mom, l need to see lsabelle.”


“Yes boss”

“How long was l out?”

“A day.”

“What?” Where is lsabelle?”

“She is in ward 7”

“Ward 7, let’s go call the doctor l need to get out from here.”


“Mom don’t, l know you don’t know but she is my fiancee and now you know she is dying and l need to see her.”

“Your fiancee? Connor are you nuts? You are my son how could you make such decision?”

“You are my son and l won’t………..”

“He is not your son Helen.”

“He is my son.”.

“Kat what are you doing here?”

“Am here to see my son.”

“Mom what’s going on here?


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