Isabelle – Chapter 35

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter Thirty five 🌺

“Mom what’s going on here?” Connor asked confused.

“Hello mrs Braxton.”

“Brielle what are you doing here? I thought……”

“Yeah, yeah, you thought l went hiding, but how can l hide when l was yet to find out everything, l always finish what l started Mrs Braxton.”

“What the fuck is happening here?”Connor yelled confusingly.

“It’s nothing son, Kat can we talk privately.”

“There’s nothing to hide anymore Helen am here for my son and there is no going back.”

“Mom, what the meaning of this? What son his she talking about?”

“Don’t worry Connor l have all the answers to your questions we are going to solve everything right here and right now” Brielle said.

“Okay this is wierd.” Connor muttered.

“Here! Take this and listen attentively, this is the complete record, l gave lsabelle the half of it.”

“Isabelle?” What the heck did you give her? Was that why she wanted to commit sucide.”

“Sucide!” Brielle and Mrs Newton said in unison.

“Answer me what did you give to her, what’s in that record?”

“Calm down Connor, just listen to the record okay you will understand everything” Mrs Newton said.

“No l want to see lsabelle.”

“No you need to know this things before seeing lsabelle, just stop worrying and listen Shelly will be fine” Mrs Newton said.

“What’s with Shelly and lsabelle, this is getting more confusing.”

“Mom why aren’t you saying anything.”

Mrs Braxton stood frozen to the spot has she could feel her world collasping.

Nothing they say can be hidden under the sun.

“Brielle help him play the record.”



Mrs Lightwood

“Ma’am please eat something, you haven’t eaten for days the doctor said lsabelle is out of danger and will wake up soon.”

“Please this isn’t good for your health you are still undergoing treatment.”

“It’s all my fault, she tried to commit suicide.

I knew she was either going to remember or find out one way or the other.

I knew this secrets won’t be hidden forever.”

“It’s all my fault, thirteen years ago l was a pediatrician, l treated children and adolescent.

The Braxtons are held high esteemed in the whole of the US.
As you know they are the third generation family and they own the largest conglomeration in the US and my husband was fortunate to be Mr Braxton’s secretary.
He was also a lawyer and a medical doctor, he was well to do.

On that fateful day, a young child was rushed in which and l later found out she was just six years old and fainted from shock.
Even in her unconscious state, she was sweating profusely.

“What happened to her?” I asked Mrs Braxton.”

“This young lad saw what she wasn’t supposed to, be so she fainted but l want you to tell her parents a different story when they come” she said confidently.

“With all due respect Mrs Braxton, l can’t adhere to your request.”

“Oh never knew you were this righteous, how about l tell the world how you killed the only heir of the Xanders with your carelessness.”

The Xanders are the fifth richest and also held high esteemed and it’s true l carelessly killed their son but it wasn’t intentional it was a mistake l will forever regret, this was my secret and only my husband knew of it.

But how did she know about it.

“Excuse me l don’t know what you are talking about” l lied.

“Hahahaha, you think l don’t know, well your stupid husband told me some year ago when he was drunk.”

“What? So you are the woman Lightwood was having an affair with!”

“You were having an affair with your husband’s secretary?”

“How shameless.” I said and she chuckled.

“See who is talking, barren woman, why won’t he have an affair when he is married to the same gender” she mocked.

“Well that was many years ago but l can still use it against you, l have agents everywhere and this is just a piece of cake for them.”

“Do what l say and l assure you that your secret will be safer with me.”

“Just tell the parents that she has Dyspnea.”


“Don’t question me doctor and one more thing like have said earlier she saw what she wasn’t supposed to l,you know what to do wipe out all her memories not a single one should be left out, she brought it upon herself.”

Few days later, l lied to Mrs Newton telling her lsabelle was to undergo a surgery but to my utmost surprise and disblief Mrs Braxton told me to fake her death.

After making everyone believe she died.

Mrs Braxton asked me to kill her or send her to an orphanage since she knew nothing about her past anymore.

But l adopted her instead but never knew she was my husband’s daughter never knew she wasn’t Mrs Newton daughter but Mrs Braxton’s, Never knew a mother could be that wicked.

And l never knew lsabelle was involved with the Braxtons in anyway if l had known this wouldn’t have happened.

I don’t blame her at all if it were you how would you feel? Knowing all this thing’s how will you react? Not less than hers .

She was been lied to all her life.
She was toyed with.

I should never have acted stupidly l should never have agreed to Mrs Braxton plans.

I should never have done what l did.
But it was all because of fear.
I was afraid.

“It’s okay ma’am, lsabelle will be fine, l understand everything but l think you did the best thing, if you didn’t agree to Mrs Braxton’s plans at that time she would have still found other ways to silence her, and maybe it would have caused her life.

It’s a good thing you kept her and am grateful on her behalf, it just she allowed the pains to get a hold of her, if it happened to be me l don’t know how l would have reacted either.

This things are just so unbelievable.

Thanks Ariel, it’s a good thing lsabelle has someone like you, what could we have done without you?

“It’s okay, please eat now.”

I will go check up on lsabelle.


I got to the hospital and saw lots of familar cars parked there.

This is definitely Mrs Braxton car and that’s for Brielle and the other Mrs Newton.

This cars cost millions it can’t just be for anyone.

What are they doing here?

I walked into the reception and the nurses were drooling and giggling.


“May l know what ward is lsabelle Lightwood?” I tried my best to ask politely.

“This lsabelle girl is really lucky, the two Braxton brothers came to see her.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well your brother came to see the same lsabelle but it’s unfortunate he ended up admitted too.”

“What! Connor is here.”

“Where is he?”

“Come with me” she said while giggling.

We got to the ward, here he is she said and left.

I opened the door and froze on seeing the people inside the ward.

My guess was right they are really here but they were busy listening to some recording that they didn’t even know l was there.

I stood frozen to the spot as l listened to everything.

Noooooooooooo! I yelled as the record ended and they all turned to look at me.

“Wyatt!” They called surprised.

Connor was crying already and l couldn’t help it l cried too.

For the first time in so many years l cried.

Shelly is lsabelle?
Shelly was not dead?
It was all fake.
Am not a Braxton either Connor said as he cried uncontrollably.

So things like this do happen? I murmured.

I stared at Mrs Braxton and she was crying uncontrollably, l feel like squeezing the daylight out of her.
She is the cause of everything.

Brielle and Mrs Newton weren’t left out.

We were all crying.

And in a twinkle of an eye Connor was on his feet as he grip tight to Mrs Braxton’s neck.

“Am going to kill you” he yelled and his grip on her tightened.

“Connor! Connor stop it Connor” we all yelled.

“Am going to kill you” he kept yelling and his grip tightened and Mrs Braxton was choking.

“Stop it Connor stop it” l yelled and freed his grip and Mrs Braxton gasped for air and coughed severely.

“Am sorry Connor.”

“You all should go to hell, l hate you all.”

“You, you, you and you.” He pointed to all of us.

“I hate you all” he said and staggered.

“Shelly l need to see Shelly”

“If anything happens to her am going to kill you both” he pointed to Mrs Braxton and Mrs Newton.

“And you Wyatt Braxton, l hate you, l hate myself too for trusting all of you.”

“Wait Connor, you look Haggard, please pull yourself together you can’t see lsabelle like this” Brielle said.

“Shut up bitch and stop calling her lsabelle she is Shelly.”

He said and staggered out.

Mrs Lightwood

“Ma’am lsabelle is awake.”

“What? My goodness let me go see her now.”

“Yes let’s go see her.”

We rushed to lsabelle’s ward and met her awake.

“Isabelle, l called and rushed to her.”


Someone called and rushed in.


“My daughter, lsabelle’s mom called and hugged her tightly.”

“Shelly am so sorry all this happened to you” Connor said but lsabelle kept mute and just stared without saying anything.

“Isabelle, my daughter am sorry, am so sorry please forgive me, how could you be so rash, what would l have done without you? Am sorry please forgive me”Mrs Lightwood said and sobbed.

“Shelly please say something, am sorry l couldn’t protect you, am sorry l didn’t find out earlier, if l had known, all this wouldn’t have happened, say something Shelly, please say something, am sorry please lsabelle.”

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Isabelle” Mrs Lightwood called surprised.

“Shelly you don’t remember?” Connor asked as his face turned pale.

“Who are you and what are you all saying?”


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