Isabelle – Chapter 36

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter Thirty six 🌺

💕 Connor Braxton 💕


“Why Shelly, why does this have to happen?
Why did you have to lose your memories now when you really need them?
Am sorry l couldn’t protect you,but please Shelly you have to get your memories back.
All this time, have been attracted to you, have always loved you Shelly, maybe it was fate that brought us together but now it hurts so much, seeing you staring at me everyday like a complete stranger, just remember me please please Shelly l love you too much and don’t think l can cope with this.
Please l want my lsabelle back” l said and sobbed more.”

“Now am a nobody, Am not a Braxton, and l can’t accept am a Newton, those women are too cuning they might tell me one day that am not a Newton either,l just want to live with you forever, you are the only person that is keeping me alive, you are my only hope right now lsabelle.”

She coughed slightly and opened her eyes slowly.

“You are awake” l said and wiped my tears quickly.

“Who are you?” She asked and tried to sit up, l helped her lie back on the bed.”

“Who are you” she asked again.

“Am Connor” l said.

“Connor, nice name” she said.

“Why are you here? I always wake up to see you here,why are your eyes puffy, have you been crying?”

“No am fine, stop talking you have to rest more.”

“No need to worry, Mr Connor,am fine now and my injuries are all healed up.”

“Isabelle, you really don’t remember anything or Anyone?”

“No Mr Connor, l just don’t remember.”

“Just call me Connor please.”

The door creaked open and a girl rushed in.

“Ariel” lsabelle squealed excitedly and they hugged tightly.

“How are you doing?” The Ariel girl asked.

“Am fine now” lsabelle replied.

“Does she remember you?” I asked.

“No she doesn’t, l made her my friend all over again, and wait until she remembers” Ariel replied.

“Ariel, do you know him?”Isabelle asked.

“Yes he is your boss.”

“My boss!”

“Yes you are his personal nurse.”

“Oh! Really but why do l feel like there is more to it.”

“It’s okay lsabelle, remember you don’t have to force yourself to remember, just follow your heart.”

“I made you your favorite.”

“Yeah” lsabelle squealed.

“How is my mom doing?”

“She is fine, she will be here soon.”

“Mr Connor, thanks for always coming to keep me company,you are the best boss ever” lsabelle said and l knitted my brow in annoyance.

“Am out of here”.

“Huh! Wait Mr Connor, why are you leaving all of a sudden, did l say something bad?”

“See you some other time Shelly” l said.

“Why is he calling me lsabelle and Shelly, he is wierd” she muttered as l left the ward and shut the door with a bang.

How can l live like this, when she doesn’t remember anything about us.

No one knows we are engaged,that was same night all this started, the night we were engaged, that same night l was kidnapped, now everyone thinks am just her boss.

“Mr Connor” l head a familiar voice.

“Mrs Lightwood” she was wearing an hospital gown.

“Mrs Lightwood why are you here?”

“I was going to see my daughter, but l saw you here lost in thoughts, how can l ignore?”

“I know it’s about lsabelle, l never thought this will happen, but since it happened like this,you don’t have to worry too much about it,l heard from Ariel that you have feelings for lsabelle and she thinks lsabelle have feelings for you too.”

“That’s not it Mr Lightwood, lsabelle and l were in love and we are engaged.”


“Yes ma’am we are engaged, it’s just that all this things started that same night, l had no ring with me but l proposed to her anyways and she accepted,but unfortunately that same night l was kidnapped and few days later she was admitted and in coma.”

“Things happened real fast and now she doesn’t remember.”

“Am sorry Mr Connor, but you don’t have to give up on lsabelle.”

“Off course l won’t,l will wait no matter how long it will take.”

“That’s it my dear, you see Ariel, she doesn’t remember her too, but just in few days, Ariel has built her relationship with her again, l want you to do same, start all over again, until she remembers everything.”

“Now that you know your real identity, l know it’s not easy for you combined with all this, how are you coping my dear.”

“Have moved out of the Braxtons masion,l don’t normally stay there just packed few of my belongings, Dad has sent mom their divorce papers, Mrs Newton and Mrs Braxton are behind bars, Mr Newton is now investigating the death of his sister.”

“I left Mr Braxton’s company”

“What?oh no dear you are the back bone of his company, Mr Braxton loves you alot,he v’e always looked up to you.”

“He loves me but l never did, am not his son after all so his of no use, Wyatt is his son he should start looking up to him not me.”

“I always asked myself why l never really liked him but it turns out he is not my father.”

“He is no better than his wife, they are both cunning and decietful.”

“What about your mom,are you not going to to stand up for her?”

“They have to pay for their sins,am no longer that stupid Connor, this is what Wyatt always wanted to become the only heir, his dreams have turned to reality.”

“You have to help them, no matter what they are both your mother.”

“Hahahaha,you see Mrs Lightwood, no matter how l try to see it, l can never call either of them my mother, never again.”

“Everyone thinks Mrs Braxton was the cause of everything but l think otherwise, Mrs Newton is actually the cause of everything.”

“I will never forgive them, they are going to pay for their sins.”

My phone rang interrupting our conversation.

“Excuse me ma’am l have to take this call”

“Hello Felix”

“Mr Connor, something bad has happened.”

“What is it?”

“It’s Mr Braxton.”

“I don’t want to hear about it”

“Forgive me sir but l have to say it.”

“He was poisoned, and in the hospital fighting for his life.”


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