Isabelle – Chapter 38

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter 38🌺

💕 Connor 💕

“Felix have you gotten a clue yet? Mr Braxton is dying.”

“Sir am trying it’s just that the person behind this did a clean job and its very difficult to figure out.”

“I trust you Felix you are smart , just please try to figure it out as soon as possible, l want to know the person behind this, am transferring him to a much better hospital for surgery though his chances of survival is very slim.”

“Why will they poison him? I really want to find out who did this.”

“Rest assured Mr Braxton l will get to the bottom of this.”

“Thanks Felix ,l made some research concerning the poison that he took, just like the doctor said, it’s almost impossible for him to survive except a miracle happens, am waiting for your feedback Felix don’t disappoint me.”

“I won’t boss.”

“Please be careful.”

“I will” he replied and l hung up.

I entered my car quickly, take me to Decrot” l told the chaufeur it been days l last saw lsabelle l need to see her.”

After the long drive we arrived the hospital.

I rushed to lsabelle’s ward but found an empty bed, l walked back to the reception and met the nurse in the reception.

“Where is lsabelle Lightwood?”

“Miss lsabelle have been discharged yesterday.”


“Is her mother still here?”

“Yes she is” she replied and l Left the reception to meet mrs Lightwood.

“Good day ma’am” l greeted.

“Mr Connor, you are finally here”

“Why wasn’t l informed that lsabelle have been discharged?”

“Am sorry Mr Connor, l couldn’t reach you it’s just that a lot has happened lately.”

“What happened?”

“Your brother”

“I don’t have a brother Mrs Lightwood.”

“Wyatt Braxton, he was here.”

“Wyatt was here, that motherfucker, why was he here?”

“He came to see lsabelle and made her believe they were engaged.”


“He even came with fake pictures and videos of their engagement, he told lsabelle that we are against their relationship, that she shouldn’t believe whatever we say, he said after the engagement he went on a business trip and before he came he heard that lsabelle got an accident and lost her memories.”

“And lsabelle believed him and agreed to go on a date with him.”


“Am sorry Mr Connor, l just don’t know what to do, lsabelle has been manipulated, she believed all what Wyatt said and agreed to marry him.”


“She doesn’t listen to anyone anymore, she thinks we are against her relationship just like Wyatt said.”

“This is bullshit.”

“Wyatt, am going to deal with that asshole.”

“Where is lsabelle right now?”

“She is preparing to leave for college, and she will be going on a date with Wyatt tonight.”

“I think am going to do this the hard way.”

“What are you going to do Mr Connor.”

“I won’t let her go to college.”

“What! But she …….”

“No buts Mrs Lightwood, l knew she will be manipulated easily now she lost her memories.”

“But how are you going to do that.”

“Don’t worry Mrs Lightwood, from now on l will never let her out of my sight.”

“Take care of yourself Mrs Lightwood.”

“Wait Mr Connor”

“Please get better Mrs Lightwood you need to be discharged too, l don’t think this place is safe for you anymore, stop worrying, rest alot to speed up your recovery, have a nice day.”

I left the hospital got into my car and dailed Felix number quickly.

“Hello Felix”
“Mr Connor!”

“Am sorry if am disturbing you but please l want you to abduct Wyatt Braxton before night fall.”




“Mom how are you doing?” I asked.
“Am fine Brielle”

“You don’t look okay mom, you have lost weight,are they maltreating you here? l can get them all fired.”

“No my dear, they won’t dare.lts just Connor, will he ever be able to forgive me?Will he? Have failed as a mother, have failed completely, am not worthy to be called a mother.”

“Mom! Stop crying please,ever since this incident, Connor has changed alot.

He is now mean and never smiles, l tried talking to him at the hospital the other day and he called me a bitch as usual, and he warned me never to tell lsabelle am her twin sister until she regains her memories.

This whole incident has wieghed him down, he is now acting wildly,he is broken mom and l know Connor is kind-hearted no matter what happens he can’t change entirely , he will definitely forgive you mom, l know he will.”


“Dad is still investigating the death of Maureen, you know how difficult it is since the case has happened a long time ago.”

“Am also doing investigations too, l know you are innocent, l believe you are innocent, we just have to find evidence that she didn’t die naturally and find out who was behind her death.”

“We will get to the bottom of it and unviel the truth.”

“Please you have to stop worrying, l don’t want anything to happen to you please be strong for my sake.”

“I will my dear, what would l have done without you!”

“How is lsabelle doing?”

“She is fine mom, are injuries have healed up.”

“That good, hope she gets back her memories soon.”

“Yes l hope so too, and l hope l will be able to build a good relationship with her before then.”

“Off course you can my dear .”

“I will leave now, take care of yourself mom.”

“You too my dear.”

“Alright mom, l will see you soon” l said and left the station.

I walked to my car and entered and the driver drove off immedaitely.

Minutes later l found out he was taking me to another direction.

This isn’t my driver.

My goodness! How come l didn’t notice .

“Who are you?” I asked frightened.

“Am nobody my boss wants to see you.”

“Where is my driver?”

“He is safe.”

“Stop the car now” l don’t want to see your boss”

“Stop the car” l yelled but he kept driving.”

“Stop the car” l screamed loudly and he pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at me.”

“Please don’t hurt me”l begged.

“Nah l won’t,my boss wants you alive, strong and healthy just shut up and let me drive.”

“You are quite a beauty, but I hate noise if you keep screaming l will knock you out.”

“Now do me a favor and shut the hell up.”

After many hours of driving we arrived at a very huge building.

Where is this place?

“I was already tired and hungry.”

“Where are we?”l asked.

The gate was opened and he drove in.

“Get down he ordered.”

I got down weakly, am starving.

He lifted me off the ground and carried me in bridal style.

“Put me down” l yelled.

“I hate noise pretty” he said the hoodie fell off his face.

“I opened my mouth slightly, l was clearly drooling,how can someone be this…… beautiful.”

“You are drooling”he said and hissed loudly.

My cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

We got to a large living room and he put me down and turned back to leave.

“Wait! I called

“Who is your boss?”

He ignored and walked out.

Stupid me l wanted to ask what is your name.

I stood in the large living room fiddling with my fingers and then l saw a middle aged man descending from the stairs.

He walked up to me and smiled sweetly.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Brielle, you have done alot of research about me and yet you don’t recognize me?”

He looks familiar.

“Have we met before?”

No it can’t be you are dead, lt can’t be you.

“Yes it’s me daughter.”





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