Isabelle – Chapter 39

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in Between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter Thirty nine 🌺



💋 Isabelle 💋

I scrolled through the new phone my fiance brought for me.

I kept thinking, why is everyone against our relationship?

Wyatt is a nice man, l like him already.

But l don’t know, l just keep feeling something is off, but l just don’t know, l wish l can remember.

The door opened and Ariel came in.

“Hey babe.”


“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Am good, just a bit tired?”she replied.

“What have you been doing?”


“Oh! Have packed up already, but l can’t find what to wear on a date with my fiance, can you help me pick a dress?”

“What fiancee?”

“Are you still seeing that Wyatt Braxton?”

“Forget it, l know you guys don’t like him, just help me pick a dress, will you?”


“Ariel please” l pouted.

“I said never, what wrong with you lsabelle, have said this countlessly you and Wyatt were never in a relationship.”

“Stop it Ariel, you guys should stop lying to me,l saw the videos of our engagement, the photos, l saw them all, Wyatt is nice, can’t you see, l can’t remember the past but l know Wyatt is a nice man, if he done anything in the past, please forgive him for my sake.”

“Hahahaha, lsabelle you are stupid, there is nothing Wyatt Braxton can’t do, he is dangerous lzzy, he is taking advantage of you because you don’t remember anything.”

“Fine! I will pick my outfits myself stop with the sermon.”

“Izzy you have to listen to me, you can’t go out with Wyatt Braxton, you can’t.”

“And why can’t l?”
“Why? He is my fiance.

“He Is not your fiance, he is not, you guys were never in a relationship.”

“What the hell Ariel! Are you trying to tell me that those were fake! The videos and pictures were all fake?”

“That’s it lzzy, they are all fake, he is manipulating you lzzy,l know you lost your memories but you didn’t lost your heart, l once told you to follow your heart, do you feel anything for Wyatt Braxton? Do you? Are you attracted to him?l know your answer is No! Because you both were never together.”

“I once told you to follow your heart lsabelle but you are being dumb and stupid.”

“Enough Ariel, enough okay, why will someone waste his time to create fake videos and pictures to prove a point,why will he waste time on such things, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Like l said earlier there is nothing but Wyatt Braxton can’t do, he is dangerous lzzy, l once told you to stay away from him, stay away from him lsabelle, he is trying to take you away from Connor.”


“Why will he do that?”
“Mr Connor is just my boss.”

“Wait! Are you hiding something from me Ariel.”

“No am not but l can’t tell you either, cause you will be in danger if you force yourself to remember anything, let them come freely but for the meantime stay away from Wyatt Braxton, don’t do something you are going to regret lsabelle.”

“Is Connor really just my boss, why do l feel there is more to it.”

“Like l said earlier follow your heart lsabelle.”
“Follow your heart.”




💕 Connor💕

“Two more bottles” l told the bartender.

Felix Walked in.

“Goodday sir”

“Why are you alone?”he asked.

“I fired them.”


“Don’t worry l gave them enough money to start a life and stop being people’s shield they should value their lives more.”

“Both sir you can’t just move around without your bodyguards.”

“Am tired of that shit okay! I just want to leave a normal life is that too my to ask for?am no longer a Braxton, and am grateful, l can leave my life however l want.”

“I already told Mr Braxton’s personal assistant to make it known that am not a Braxton.”


“No no please sir Connor you can’t do this not now when Mr Braxton is fighting for his life, he is gonna be broken.”

“Do l care, am l not broken, am l not? Have you ever asked me about how l feel? I couldn’t protect the woman l love, now she can’t even recognize me? Do you know how hurt l am when she looks and talk to me like am some stranger? Do you know how l felt when l found out that the person l trusted was the one that have been continously laying ambush for me? Do you know how l felt when l found out that the person l loved so much turned out not to be my mother? Do you?”

“Am so fucked up right now, l hate my life, l don’t know what else am going yo find out cause l know this isn’t over.”

“Am sorry Mr Connor.”

“Why are you sorry? I don’t want your pity.”

“Don’t ever tell me how broken that man is cause am more broken.”

“Please Mr Connor, Mr Braxton loves you so much you can tell tell the world you are not a braxton, it’s going to destroy his reputation.”

“You mean l should live my life under a false identity.”

“Never, that can’t change the fact that am not his blood, he is not my father.”

“Where is Wyatt Braxton.”

“Am sorry Mr Connor, we got the wrong person.”

“What the fuck!”

“Am sorry, l think he knew of our plans beforehand, and this only means one thing there is a spy amongst us.”

“Find out who he is and l will personally kill him.”

“Mr Connor please you don’t have to kill anyone, don’t dirty your hands.”

“I will torture the person and lock him up for the meantime,you don’t have time kill anyone.”

“Fine do it your way.”

“Any clue about who poisoned Mr Braxton.”

“Not yet boss, there is only one person that can give me evidence.”

And who is that person?”

“Philip Troy Wyatt’s right hand man.”

“Philp Troy that dude is smarter than you can imagine, this will be almost impossible.”

“Just do all you can, Mr Braxton will under go surgery tomorrow, and it’s a miracle if he survives.”





“It can’t be, you are not my dad you are an imposter.”

“I expected this reaction from you, am not dead Brielle.”

“But you were buried.”

“How is lsabelle doing, have Missed her so much, never knew she was my daughter, l made them suffer but l had to stay hidden,am the only one who can put an end to a this things, no matter how hard you investigate you can’t find out anything more than you already know.”

“I waited for the right time and now is the time, hopefully my wife and daughters will find a place in their heart to forgive me.”

“You really are Mr Lightwood.”

“Yes Brielle, it’s a good thing you were able to get over your feelings for Connor Braxton, l mean Zayn Newton.”

“I was not dead! It’s true l was murdered but l survived, when l was rushed to the hospital,l was only half dead when l woke up l told the doctor who was my colleague to confirm me dead.”

“It was the only way l could run away from Helen ( Mrs Braxton) she is dangerous Brielle, l bet she still doubts am really dead.

“Then who was buried?”

“A fake.”

“What, that was a fake body that was given my face.”

“Holy hell!”

I changed my identity.

To what.

Maxwell Rutherford.

“You are Maxwell Rutherford?”

“My goodness! You mean you are the same Maxwell Rutherford that’s always on mask, and US latest best surgeon?”


“This is unbelievable.”

” It’s a good thing you all found out the truth Brielle, the agent that has been working for you was actually the man you met earlier.”

“It was planned l sent him to you.”

“But he ……..”

“Yes he was on deguise.”

“No wonder he disappeared have been searching for him.”

But there is something that was left unsaid.

All this while have been doing lots of investigations and watching you from afar,l never knew Mrs Braxton was pregnant.”

“She never told me.”

“I had to find out everything and have concrete evidence, she is not someone that can be dealt with easily.”

“Now that she is behind bars she is still plotting evil, she is too greedy.”

“She told Kat( Mrs Newton) that she murdered me because l tried to confess to Mr Braxton of our affair and l was investigating Wyatt’s mother’s death but that is not true, she tried to kill me because l knew her greatest secret.”

“And what’s that, how many more secret?”

“Just this one more and everything will be over.”

“Connor has a twin.”

“What the hll!”


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