Isabelle – Chapter 4

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


🌺 Isabelle 🌺
💕(Stuck in between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Chapter Four🌺🌺🌺

*. 🌹 Isabelle 🌹

I woke up late as usual.

I rushed to the bathroom and brushed my washed my hair and prepared a warm bath.

Am happy
Am happy
Am happy l sang while bathing.

Am happy about three things.

Firstly,mom is now in a good state and is given the best treatment.
Secondly, l met Wyatt Braxton in person.
Thirdly, today l will be going for the job Ariel talked about.

Wyatt told me that Connor was receiving treatment that he sent him over.

I came outta the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.
Shit! This house is damn lonely.

I applied lotion to my skin.
Yesterday was the best day of my life.
Seeing mom being properly treated is giving me a lot of happiness.

Yesterday I got to realize l can’t remain this way l need to work hard and become a successful person.
I need to go back to college.

I put on a blue sleeveless jumpsuit and packed my hair in a bun.
I applied lip gloss.

I put on a black sandals and with a black purse to match.

I stare at the business card Wyatt gave me, he told me to call him anytime l need anything.

I will have to throw it away.


As tempting as it is, l don’t want to have anything to do with those rich folks.

Am grateful for what he did but l don’t want to be anywhere near them.
We are from different worlds.

I can’t wait to tell Ariel the good news about my mother.

I took the address that Ariel gave to me.
I have to get this job.
I need to go back to college.
I want to be successful.

I don’t have anyone to depend on anymore l have to depend on myself.

I took a second look at the address.

This place is where all the successful people in the US lives.
The person must be very rich and influential.
Will they employ a middle class like me?

I can’t believe am talking about employment when l don’t even know the nature of the job.

How did the person get to know everything about me?
Well l will have to find out.




🌹 Connor Braxton 🌹

“Sir! Your mother is here” my PA said.

“Tell her to come in.”

The door opened and she walked in with a scrowled face.




“Why are you in the office? Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital receiving treatment?

“Mom please sit am busy” l said and she closed my PC.

“Get up and go with me to the hospital.”

“Mom we have a family doctor.”

“And he is out of the country, come with me son you have to be strong for me stop being a workaholic.”

“I can’t go to the hospital, l hate that shit!”

“I will be receiving treatment at home l promise okay!

“Why are you always the target?
“Doesn’t it bother you?

“It’s not like you are the only heir.”
“Why are they always after my son?”

“We v’e done investigations countless times but found nothing.”

“Which only means one thing, the person who is after you is very close to you.”

“Mom know what you are driving at.”

“Wyatt will never do such a thing.”
“Wyatt is not what you think he is mother.”

“He is my brother and l know him too well.”

“Why are you so careless and softhearted? If you want to be the only heir you have to stop being soft hearted.

“Wyatt pretends to be gentle and kind but l know he is fake, that’s not the real him
Open your eyes son.”

“Mother please stop it, stop suspecting Wyatt.”

“I want you to investigate him”She said.

“What! Mom l can’t do that l trust Wyatt he will never do such.”

“I can see his pretence has gotten to you.
Don’t tell me you are so stupid that you have never one day thought of it.

“Why you are always the target.”

“Mom! That’s enough you can leave now,l have to leave too, l need to attend to someone important.”

“Connor come here! Am still talking.”

“Love you mom.” I replied.

Wyatt is my brother he can never attempt to murder me.




🌹 Isabelle 🌹

I got to the address and a wow! escaped my mouth.

This place is beautiful.

I stood at the golden gate.
I touched it and it opened automatically and another wow! escaped my mouth

This place is beautiful, it’s perfect.
I stood gaping at the view in front of me.

Why is everywhere this quite.

You are such a fool lsabelle l mentally scold myself.
I noticed l was the only one in the building and fear gripped me.

Why am l the only one here?

I ran towards the gate and touched it hoping it will open again but it didn’t.

“Why are you running?” I heard a familar voice.

I turned around and our eyes met.
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