Isabelle – Chapter 40

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa✍️
🌺 Chapter 40🌺

“Brielle,a lots of secrets were hidden, now you know them all.”

“But the person to suffer most from this secrets is Zayn Newton, that child is gonna go wild when he hears about this, he still finds it hard to believe that Mrs Braxton is actually the cause of all this.”

“Connor can’t know about this,not now, not now when lsabelle can’t remember him, please just keep this one last secret from him till when he is fit to hear it.”

“Never, my child, he has to know we can’t break him again, let him take them all in once and for all.”

“Where is Connor’s twin his he dead?”

“No he isn’t.”

“Then does my mother (Mrs Newton) know about this?”

“No she doesn’t.”

“She doesn’t! How is that possible?”

“When Connor and his twin were born, Mrs Newton had complications, Maureen was the midwife that helped her deliver.”

“You mean that same Maureen that Mrs Braxton used in threatening my mom?”

“Yes Mr Newton’s sister Maureen helped her deliver, for some unknown reasons Maureen hated Mrs Newton so much and the both of them never got along.”

“But unfortunately when Mrs Newton went into labor her husband was out of the country, Maureen had to help.”

“At that time, Mrs Braxton and Mrs Newton were best friend, For many years Mrs Braxton couldn’t concieve a child this cause lots of misunderstandings between she and her husband.”

“Helen took advantage of the hatred Maureen had for Kat, when Kat put to bed her twin babies, she had complications and fell unconscious, Mrs Braxton bribed the doctor and Maureen with a huge amount of money to give her one of Kat’s babies.”

“Maureen agreed and took the second Twin and replace him with a dead baby.”

“When Kat woke up hours later she was told that the other twin had died due to the complications and she fainted.”

“Maureen arranged with the doctor and took the child and called Mrs Braxton to get the baby, but Mrs Braxton sent her driver instead to bring Maureen to the house along with the baby.”

“On their way to the Braxtons masion they were ambushed and the child was taken away.”

“Mrs Braxton was furious and told them to refund her money, but Maureen was too greedy, she fled with the money.”

“Wait, l don’t get it, how did you find out all this things?”

“Let me finish Brielle.”

“Three years later, Zayn was already three years old, Maureen visited the Newton’s, and an incident happened which led Maureen to be admitted at the hospital.”

“Kat never knew about what transpired between her sister in-law and her best friend.”

“And like always, Helen took advantage of the situation to get back at Maureen and to steal Connor away from Kat.”

“She bribed the doctor to kill Maureen and he did.”

“I knew Maureen didn’t die naturally it was actually Mrs Braxton that killed her .”

“Am going to kill her,am going you kill her that devil reincarnate” l screamed.

“Brielle don’t act rashly,if l acted harshly l would have been discovered a long time ago.”

“We all were used In one way or the other, we were lied to and manipulated by just one woman, Helen.”

“Dad how did you find out about this?”

“Remember, what l said earlier ,the colleague that confirmed me dead, that same man was the one that adopted Connor’s twin brother.”

“He told me everything.”

“That day he was at the hospital and just finished operating a patient, then he over heard Maureen, Mrs Braxton and the doctors conversation and he acted fast and ambushed them on the way.”

“His plan was to give the child to his parents and Sue Mrs Braxton but unfortunately his wife took the baby and fled the country, she saw it has a blessing cause she was barren, she kicked against the idea of returning the baby.”

“Years later she returned with the child, it was already too late,thats how the child continued to live with them.”

“This whole thing is just too complicated, Where is Connor’s twin right now, does he know about this too.”

“Yes he knows.”

“What’s his name?”



“Where is he now?”

“He was the same person you met earlier.”


“How is that possible but he they don’t look alike.”

“off course they do.”

“That means……….”

“He was on deguise.”

“Why is he always on deguise.”

“Anyone that sees his face will mistake him for Connor Braxton and you know what will happen.”

“He will get popular and the media will question his identity.”

“You right, he v’e helped Connor quit a number of times, but Connor doesn’t know about it.”

“Why is he so grumpy? He attitude is different from Connor’s.”

“That’s not true, Miguel is just like Connor, but he lost his parents few weeks ago.”

“My goodness!”

“They died in a plane crash.”

“Ever since Miguel have been depressed and broken, he doesn’t eat much, doesn’t talk much, and always indoors.”

“Three weeks ago was same time he disappeared, l was looking everywhere for him.”

Miguel knows all your movements, you and lsabelle, so l sent him personally get you.”

“But he pointed a gun at me and said you were is boss.”

“Hahahaha, he was playing around.”

“Playing around? My goodness! I almost fainted.”

“He wanted to scare you, he derive fun from scaring people that’s how he has been since he was a child.”

“That’s wierd.”

“I called you here for a reason.”
” I need your help daughter.”

“How can l help you?”

“As a father l know am not supposed to say this but l have to am sorry, this things have to be over as soon as possible.”

“What do you want me to do? I will do anything.”

“I want you to seduce Philip Troy.”


“Please Brielle l know he is smart and all that but he has eyes for you, he has a soft spot for you.”

“How sure are you dad.”

“Am very sure Brielle.”

“Okay, why do l have to do this?”

“We have to get one last evidence, and we can only get the truth from him, seduce him, get him drunk and make him say the truth,just do it however you want it but you must make him say everything that he knows about Wyatt Braxton.”

“What truth dad?”

“The truth that Wyatt and Helen are the people behind the poisoning of Mr Braxton.”

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