Isabelle – Chapter 42

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter 42🌺

“Someone like me? Who could that be?”

“I walked straight to the reception and couldn’t find Felix.”

“Where is he?”

I walked outside the hospital, and saw Felix and my driver arguing.


“Mr Connor!”

“Where is he?”

“He left already?”

“What the hell! What are you arguing about?”

“He thought that man was you?”

“I have to go back inside” l said pissed.

“Wait l took some shots” Felix said.

“Let me see.”

“What the hell! This is an imposter.”

“Mr Connor, this doesn’t look like deguise, this is real.”

“Then how is this possible, it’s like am looking at my self.”

“I have to find him”

“You don’t have to, l think he bought someone to the hospital.”

“I will tell someone to follow him whenever he arrives the hospital.”

“Good, l will go see Mr Braxton now.”

“Is he alright?”

“He is unconscious, we will talk about it later, l just wanna see him.”

I headed to Mr Braxton’s ward.

I placed my hand on the door knob put paused immediately when l heard someone speaking from inside.

Is mr braxton awake?

“Am sorry Braxton, for what l did in the past, am really sorry, this is my little way of saying am sorry, this is all l can do for you Mr Braxton,you have the fight for your life, l really hope you will survive this, so l can be at peace with myself, they don’t call me the best surgeon for nothing, you are definitely going to survive this, hopefully you will.” The person said, l twisted the door knob and entered immedaitely.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He turned to look at me.

I recognize his mask, Maxwell Rutherford.

“Mr Connor, it’s my pleasure to meet you, since you are here l will leave now.”


“Have a nice day Mr Connor, remember you don’t have to disturb him, let him be.” He said and walked out.

“Why was he apologizing, what did he do?”

“Who exactly is he?”

I sat beside Mr Braxton and stared at him for a long time.

I remembered all what he said the other day.

“I know l will die soon but my greatest regret is you not being my son.
“Why are you not my son?”

I sniffed as l wiped the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes.

“I think you were right dad,l really don’t hate you, l was only angry, angry that you never had time for us, angry that you never considered our feelings, you forced us into doing so many things.”

“you made us forget our dreams and started working in your goddamn company, l was hurt dad, l always thought if this is what it was to be born to a well to do family then why was l not born in a poor home, l wasn’t happy dad, because of this l became a workaholic, until l met her, lsabelle,she is my only happiness.”

“But what should l do? now she don’t even recognize me and your son his trying to take my only happiness.”

“Forgive me father, l can’t just sit and do nothing, he poisoned you afterall, he is not worthy to be called your son.”

“Am going to deal with everyone of them.”

“I don’t know if you will survive this but l understood it too late, out of them all you are the one who loves me most.”

“You don’t regret it more than l do? I regret it too, it pains me also, why? Why are you not my father?l really wish you are my father Mr Braxton, but life is so cruel, am not your son after all and you are not my father, it can’t be changed.”

I couldn’t control it anymore, the tears kept flowing freely.

“Don’t give up dad, fight for your life,just wake up please and l promise to remain your son, just please don’t die” l said and sobbed more.

My phone rang immediately, l wiped my tears with my handkerchief and answered the call.



“This is Ariel speaking lsabelle’s best friend.”

“Oh! What happened.”

“Isabelle just left with Wyatt’s driver.”

“Thank you, do you know the location?”

“Yes l will text the location.”

I got up immediately.

“I will see you soon father” l said and went out.

“Felix accompany me somewhere.”


“You will know.”

“We got in the car and the text came.”

“Take us to the new restaurant in Ice cube.”

“Yes sir” he said and drove off.
🌺Mr Lightwood🌺

“How could you be so careless” l queried.

“Brielle fainted, l had to rush her to the hospital had no time to wear a deguise.”

“Any ways he was going to find out soon.”

“How is Brielle, why did she faint?”

“I think is the side effect of the drugs Mrs Newton was giving her.”

“You can’t go back to the hospital, l will go check up on her,l made those drugs so l will find the cure to the side effects.”

“I will go see her, l will go in deguise l just want to see how she is faring” Miguel said.

“Suit yourself young man” l said and walked out.

Wait dad, Brielle said she was told that Mrs Braxton did surgery on Connor then how come we look alike?

“Your father did surgery on you too.”

“What?but my parents never told me.”

“Both of you were identical,after Connor’s surgery you looked different so your father copied Connor’s features and did surgery on you too for future purposes, you know what l mean,so you can be able to know your twin.



After the long drive we arrived the restaurant.

Immedaitely we entered, l saw Wyatt and lsabelle sitting opposite each other.

He was saying something and lsabelle was all smiles and giggling.

My heart crumbled to pieces, Felix squeezed my hands reassuring.

We sat at the extreme and l kept watching them.

I have to control myself, l can’t go beserk, not here not now.

Why do l feel there is more to this date?

The owner of the newly opened restaurant came out and started speaking.

“Good day ladies and gentlemen,am honored to welcome you all, thanks for coming, you all are our first customers so I decided to do something interesting.”

We will be doing the bidding game.

“We are going to bring out five most beautiful ladies, the guy with the highest bid takes her home” she said and the crowd cheered. Note, the money will be sent to the orphanages and disabled people.

“So let the game begin.”

“We all are adults, once l point at you don’t spoil the fun, come out willing like the matured lady you are.”

Four ladies were picked already.

“Am sorry Mr Braxton l will have to borrow your lady,you can bid highest to take her back” she said in her well polished intalian accent and Wyatt nodded with confidence.

“Mr Connor, it’s now or never.”

“Make sure to bid the highest.”

“Off course l will.”

“But you will have to bid in my place l will stay here and wait for you.”

“I understand, if you step out it will go viral, both heirs of the Braxtons were bidding on the same lady.”

The first, second, third lady were all taken.

The fourth was a little tough cause she was a celebrity but her fiance bidded highest and took her, now it was just lsabelle.

20,000 dollars, a man said.
50,000 dollars Wyatt said.
60,000 dollars the man said.

80,000dollars Felix said and Wyatt eyes widened in surprise, but unfortunately for him he couldn’t recognize Felix in deguise.

100,000 dollars Wyatt said.

“Wow, this lady is special” the
Italian lady said.

120,000 dollars, the other man said.

I50,000 dollars Wyatt said and the man kept quiet.

200,000 dollars Felix said.

“400,000 dollars” Wyatt said.

600,000dollars,Felix said.

“800,000 dollars Wyatt said sounding pissed already.”

I watched patiently l knew Wyatt is selfish he will soon reach his limit.

“A million dollars” Felix said and the crowd cheered and then every where went silent.

“The winner is……..”

“I.2 million dollars Wyatt screamed and Felix face fell.

“The hell what does Felix think of me?”

“5million dollars” l said and everyone turned to face me.



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