Isabelle – Chapter 47

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter 47🌺


💋 Isabelle 💋

“You fooled me, you bitch” he snarled.

“Oh my darling fiance, are you hurt? does it pain you to be fooled and lied to?”

“An going to forgive you for lying to me but l won’t forgive the pains you made Connor pass through,you betrayed him Wyatt Braxton, l was so naive and stupid not to discover who you really are, l hate you Wyatt Braxton.”

“Why did you have to kill Mr Braxton too? Are you human? How can you conspire to kill your own father? What do you want that you don’t have?”

“Even if you die while telling the truth am going to get every evidence from you and save everyone the stress, don’t think am that lsabelle you knew, am different now, you changed me you and you evil accomplice, but l think it’s for the better, l know heaven will reject her soul and hell won’t have a place for her either,l disown her as my mother.
I only have one mother, Mrs Lightwood, she is my mother.”

“You fooled me, you fooled everyone, since when did you remember? When?”

“It’s none of your business monster, you have no right to jugde me you devil accomplice.”

“All l want Is the evidence that you poisoned Mr Braxton and tried to kill him in his hospital room.”

“Fuck you bitch, you are gonna pay for this, you can’t find out anything from me.”


“Boys bring the picana(used for electric torture) let the show begin.”



*🌺 Felix 🌺

Any clue about miss lsabelle?”

“No sir.”

“Wyatt Braxton?”

“No sir.”

“This is wierd.”

I have to see Mr Connor.
I hearded to his ward and he was lying face up.

“Mr Connor!”


“How are you feeling?”

“Am fine now, have you found lsabelle?”

“Not yet, but be rest assured l will find her soon.”

“I can’t wait anymore, l want to live this goddamn hospital and look for her myself.”

“Sir this matter isn’t simple, Wyatt disappeared the same day as lsabelle.”


“Holy shit!” Why didn’t you tell me earlier, what if he did something bad to her, l want to leave now, l want to find.”

“Stop please, don’t touch the injections, I will look for her before night fall, please stay calm please.”

“I have good news Mr Braxton is alive.”

“And lsabelle is here” a familiar voice said.

“Miss lsabelle!”

“Am l hallucinating, is this lsabelle?”

“My goodness! Am overwhelmed.”

“Isabelle is it really you?”

“It’s me Connor, am sorry.”

“You remember me?”

“You do?”

“Yes Connor l remember everything you and l being engaged l remember it all.”



*🌺 Miguel 🌺

I sneakily followed behind Brielle, l can never allow her to go on a dangerous mission alone, Philip Troy is a dangerous man.

“She hopped in her car and l hopped in mine as l followed behind her.”

She deguised as one of Philip’s regular slut and entered inside his penthouse.

“The whole place sounded quite but l knew there where more to it.

I followed behind her slowly, sometimes she turns to look behind her but l quickly hid myself.

“She walked past lots of men who were guiding the entrance to his living room.”

“The men let her in as they mistook her for their boss slut.”

“I followed sneakily and hid at the Philip’s widow.”

“He ordered Brielle to come in and she did.”

“She stepped in and a light shown on her.”.

“Who are you? As you stepped your foot on my room l knew you are not Annabelle” he said and Brielle was taken aback.

“Well l never knew but you sold yourself with your reactions.”

“They v’e always said Philip Troy is smart and intelligent now l believe it.”

“Brielle regained her composure.”

“Am here for you” she said and bit her lips seductively.”

“Now am beginning to get jealous.”

“She cat walked seductively to meet him but be grabbed her hand and she winced in pain.”

“Who sent you?who the hell sent you?”he asked and pointed a pistol at Brielle.”

“No one Philip” Brielle replied calmly.

“Really” Philip said and dropped his gun.

“Since you came here at your will to pleasure me, strip.”

“You said what?” Brielle asked.

“I said strip.”


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