Isabelle – Chapter 48

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter 48🌺


💋 Brielle

“Strip!” He said

“You said what?”l asked.


“Mr Philip, you are so boring, why don’t take them off yourself” l said and licked my lips seductively.

“Are you afraid? have always heard Philip Troy is intelligent and powerful, but…….”

“Fine, do it your way” he said.

“Now we are talking” l said and winked at him.

I can’t loose to him, never.

“Shut the door” he said and l obeyed.

He turned me around and pushed me to the bed.

“You asked for this bitch” he said as he torn my crop top.”

I was left with my bra and mini skirt.
If he takes this skirt off am doomed.
I have to act quickly.

He struggled to unhook my bra but l kissed him roughly, he didn’t expect it but kissed back anyways.

I deepened the kiss and search for it in my pocket and without wasting time l injected him.

“What the hell! He Yelled as he broke the kiss.”

“You…….. you want……….to …….kill…….me?”
He stammered.
Drug effect.

I got up from the bed quickly as l smiled in Victory.

“Aaaaaaaah! He started screaming.”

“What……….. did……yo…u….do ….b…itch.
He stammered and l chuckled.

“Well you are going to die from excessive pain in 24 hours if you don’t tell me what l want to know.”

“Who……. re…ally are…. you? A..nd wh…at ….do… you wa….nt?”

“I took off the brunette wig and my deguise.”

“Bri…elle!” He called in surprise.

“Aaaaaaaah” he screamed loudly.

“Stop talking save your strength to tell me what l want.”

“What…. do…. you…. want”

“I just want you to tell me where Wyatt Braxton is hiding and all the illegal works you did for him and we are good.”

“Ne….ver! Ne…ver…..” he said and pulled out a gun.

“Aaaaaaaah” he screamed and jerked up in pain.

“Do you really wish to die?” I have the cure remember you can’t kill me” l threatened.

“I can’t betray Wyatt,l rather die than betray him but it will be my pleasure to die with you” he said and placed his hands on the trigger.

I closed my eyes as fear struck me all of a sudden and l trembled in fear suddenly l heard a loud scream as the gun fell from his hands.

“What’s happening?”


He held his arm and l saw a knife Stucked in his arm and he was bleeding.

I ran to him to help him.

“Who helps a criminal” l heard a familiar voice.

“Miguel! how come you are here? how did you get past his men?”

“Never mind! He said and threw me his jacket.”

“Never you exposed your body to another man never again” he said and l rolled my eyes.
Why is he sounding like a jealous husband.


“Philip Troy, though you are a criminal l admire you alot but am sorry l have to maltreat you to know the truth.”

“Everyone has a good side and everyone has a story to tell, there must be a reason for you becoming this kind of person, we need this information please tell us now that am being nice, torturing people is what l enjoy doing and watching it’s fun to me” l said and he laughed.

“Fuck you asshole” he said and groaned in pain.

“You are bleeding badly you really want to die? Let me help you then l said and pulled out a pistol as l made a serious face.”

“Wait! I will tell, you please don’t kill me” he said and greethed his teeth in pain.

“I thought as much, only foolish people don’t value life.”

“I will tell you everything.”



*🌺 Connor 🌺

“Dad you made it” l said happily.

“Dad say something” l said.

“Am happy Connor, hearing you call me Dad,even if am too die today, l will die in peace.”


“But l do call you dad sometimes.”

“You always said it grudgingly but now it’s willingly and from your heart.”

“What’s your name my dear?” Dad asked lsabelle.

“Isabelle Lightwood”

“You are a Lightwood?”

“Yes” lsabelle replied lonely.

“Oh! my dear don’t be sad,it all happened in the past and moreover it and it was Mr Lightwood that saved my
life, have forgiven him already.”

“What Mr Lightwood are you talking about? Connor and lsabelle asked in unison.

“How come you don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Lightwood is alive young lady, your father is alive.”

“What? How is it even possible?” No it can’t be you might have mistook have n for someone” lsabelle said.

“I know what am saying my dear, he came to visit me himself.”


“Dad you really must have mistook him for someone” Connor argued.

The door opened and Mr Lightwood walked in.

“Dad?” Isabelle called and fainted.





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