Isabelle – Chapter 49

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter 49🌺


(Few weeks later)

The Lightwood Maison

“Dad” lsabelle squealed and hugged Mr Lightwood excitedly.

“How are you doing my dear”

“Am doing great dad, Connor is taking good care of me.”

“That’s good to hear, he is a nice man.”

“Dad guess what?”


“Am getting married.”

“Wow! am so happy for you my dear, have you told your mom about it?”

“Yes dad, she was super excited, and the doctor said she will be discharged next week, am so happy.”

“You are strong my dear, same with Connor, you both were able to sail through the difficulties, am happy for you two.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

I will resume college tomorrow, Barbara will be planning the wedding.

“That’s great, can’t wait to hear the cry of babies.”

“Dad! am still in college remember, we just want to be committed that’s why we are getting married, babies can wait for later.”

“Am happy lsabelle, now my life his complete, seeing my two daughters living happily.”

“Where is Connor?”

“He went on a business trip, will be back in few days.”

“And Mr Newton.”

“Connor is being strong headed, he still doesn’t want to admit the fact that he is a Newton, Mr Newton threatened to sue Mr Braxton for keeping Connor as his son.”

“And he requested for a DNA test to be sure Mr Newton is really his biological father.”

“It’s isn’t easy, do you expect him to gladly accept someone he barely know as his father?it takes time lsabelle, moreover Connor is a grown up Mr Newton can’t force himself on him, he as to make his son love him gradually.”

“Sueing Mr Braxton is going to worsen it all, he is acting rashly.”

“I hope they reconcile soon, no matter what, he is his father and that can’t be changed.”

“What about Mrs Newton?”


“She and Connor are slowly getting there relationship is the improving bit by bit.”

“I pity her alot, she went through hell in the hands of that woman.”

” Isabelle have been wanting to tell you this, l know Helen did a lot that’s c bad things, he manipulated us but that doesn’t change the fact that she is your mother.”

“She is not my mother.”

“Listen lsabelle! You have every right to be mad but now she is dead, she v’e paid for her sins, just like you said earlier no matter what happens she us still your mother, find a place in your heart to forgive her my dear and let go of everything.”

“I can’t dad, what if l dead then, what if l didn’t survive now also, it was all because of her, l can’t forgive her never.”

“Please my dear forgive her, don’t hold a grudge against the dead.”

“Fine! Dad am leaving,l will see you tomorrow, take care of yourself” l said and pecked him on both cheeks.



🌺Mr Braxton🌺
(Inside the prison yard)

“Dad, am still your only son, you can’t leave me here.”

“You call me Dad one more time, then l will tell them to squeeze the life out of you.”

“You tried to kill me and you killed Helen too after using her to get the password to my apartment.”

“I can’t have a son like you, you disappointed me Wyatt, l knew you were up to no good but never thought you could have the nerves to kill your own father.”

“It will be a great disaster if l make you the heir of the third generation family.”

“Hahahaha! You really want to make Connor your heir? You are selling yourself to the Newton’s, no matter what happens, Connor is not your son and can never be.”

“And you? Who are you? My son?
“Are you my son?”

“And about who becomes the heir, it’s mine to decide, you don’t have a say in it.”


“Don’t you ever call me that?”

“Tomorrow we will meet in court, l pray you rot in jail.”



🌺 Brielle 🌺

“Barbara, how do l look?”

“Goergous baby.”

“Hmm, am l okay?, or should l change the dress and wear………”

“My goodness! Brielle you have been changing since like forever.”

“It’s just a date, it’s not like you got a ticket to heaven.”

“Whatever” l said and rolled my eyes.

“You are jealous?”

“Nah! I can’t be not when have gotten a date with a celebrity.”

“What celebrity?how come l don’t know about it?”

“Well you were so busy about your date with Miguel.”


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