Isabelle – Chapter 5

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


🌺 Isabelle 🌺
💕(Stuck in between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Chapter Five 🌺🌺🌺

🌹 Isabelle 🌹


“Hi lsabelle.”

“Hi! I thought you were at the hospital.”
I said am too shocked to see him here.
What is he doing here?

“I hate that shit, l don’t go to the hospital” He said.

“How are your wounds?”

“It ve been treated but it still hurts badly.”

“Am sorry about that,l think l lost my way l will leave now but first l want to thank you for everything thank you for saving my mother.”

“How do you mean?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about” he said.

I stared at him confusing.

“You don’t remember sending your brother to the hospital.”

“What hospital? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You know l have a brother?”

“Yes l met him.”

“When and how?” He asked.

Holy hell! Didn’t Wyatt said Connor sent him why is Connor asking so many questions did he lost his memory?

“I met your brother at the hospital he paid for my mother’s treatment and told me you sent him.”

“Oh! He said.

What the hell is oh! I said inwardly.

“Thank you once again” I will leave now.

“Wait! Aren’t you here for a job?”

“How did you know about that?”

“Am the person to offer you the job.”



“What job are you going to offer?”

“How did you know l dropped out of college?
“How did you know my best friend?”

“I have my ways” he said.

“Can you please come in let’s talk?”

He said and l nod.

I followed behind him.

Woooow! This place is paradise.
My goodness! Look at the interiors they are amazing.

We got to the largest living room have ever seen.

Fuck! This place is beautiful.
The living room is bigger than my fucking hell of a house.

“Sit! He said and l took a seat.

“Here! Take it” he said and handed me a glass of wine.

“Thanks” l said.

“Thank you lsabelle for saving my life, l will forever be grateful.
Am sorry l left the other day without saying goodbye.
I was traced and my father instructed l should be brought home immediately.

“How were you traced?”

“This” he said and pointed at his necklace.
It’s not just any necklace there is a tracker on it.

“Oh! It’s good you are safe.”

“What job do you have for me?”

“Please be my personal nurse.” He said

“What! I yelled in surprise.


“I will take responsibility for your college fees and pay you monthly.”

“But l don’t know how to treat a person” l lied.

“From what l know you studied nursing in college.”

“Please Isabelle.”

“You are Connor Braxton there are lot of professional nurses who will kill to touch you why me?
Why do you have to choose me? A drop out.
Am sorry l will have to decline your request.”
“We are two different persons l can’t work for you am sorry l will leave now.”

“Isabelle! He called.

“Think about it” he said and l nod.




Hours later, l got to my apartment.

I took of my dress quickly and hurriedly prepared dinner for mom.

I kept thinking about Connor’s proposal.
Why me?

I put the food in a flask walk out of the room and shut the door behind me.

On my way to the hospital l met Ariel.

Isabelle! She squealed excitedly on seeing me.

“Ariel! Where are you heading?

“To your place.”

“Oh! Am on my way to the hospital you can come with me.”

“I have good news.”

“Is it about the job?”


“No it’s about my mother Connor sent his brother to pay for my mother’s treatment my mother is currently at the VIP section and she is properly taken care of .”

“Woooow! Am happy am so happy for you Isabelle.”

“Who is this Connor?”

“My fucking goodness! Don’t tell me l didn’t tell you.”

“No you didn’t, who is he?”

“Connor Braxton l saved him few weeks ago.”

“Connor Braxton the second heir of the Braxtons the third generation family, the ones that have the largest conglomeration in the whole of the US?”


“And you also met his brother?”


“My goodness! Am speechless.”

“You mean you met Wyatt Braxton and Connor Braxton in person?”


“Oh my God! That’s amazing l heard Connor is more handsome in real life is it true?”

“Yes he is more handsome but Wyatt is also handsome they are both handsome.”

“You met with two great personalities.”
“You must feel honored.”

“Yeah yeah whatever.”

“So about the job?”

“Well the person turns out to be Connor.”

“My God! Am happy for you sweetie so what job did he offer?”

“He wants me to be his personal nurse.”

“Woooow! That’s good many girls will kill to be in your shoes.”

“But l declined.”

“What! Are you crazy?”
“He promised to pay for your college fees remember.”


“Seriously lsabelle, you are acting dumb right now opportunity they say come but once.”
“Don’t throw away this huge opportunity girlfriend.”

“Why me?
“Why me?

“That shouldn’t bother you, you have to go back there and tell him you accept the job.”

“You need it lsabelle, you need to go to college and be successful you have your mother to take care of and you still have to investigate the murder of your father.”

“If you do not become successful you can’t achieve anything.
In this world the rich are most respected.

“Thanks Ariel l will think about it.”




I just got back from the hospital mother’s health is improving am very happy.

I entered the kitchen to get some food to eat.

I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is there? Coming! I said and rushed to open the door.

I opened the door and gasped in surprise.

Wyatt what is he doing here?

“Good evening” l greeted.

“Can l come in?” He asked.

“Oh! Yes come in ” l stuttered.

“How did you know this place? I asked.

“I have my ways.”

That’s the same thing Connor said.
what’s with this rich folks?

“I came for a reason.”

“Am listening.”

“I want you to be my fiancee for two months.”

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