Isabelle – Chapter 6

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


🌺 Isabelle 🌺
💕Stuck in between 💕
Chapter Six🌺🌺🌺

What! I exclaimed and stared at him wide eyed.

“I promise to sponsor you in college, buy you a house in Canada your dream country, and build a hospital in your name as Soon as you graduate from college.”

“I brought documents we can sign an agreement.”

“How did you know my dream country is canada?”

“That does not matter, Please l need your help as the first heir am supposed to present my fiancee on my twenty fifth birthday which is coming in a month time.”

“It’s getting late already can you please leave l will need time to think about this.”

“Alright! See you soon” he said and left.

My fucking goodness! How did l get myself in this mess?
What do they take me for some kinda gold digging whore.
Two brothers one needs me as his personal nurse and the other wants me to be his fiancee how interesting.

This is crazy but as tempting as it is l will pass l need to talk to Ariel.


Ever since l haven’t gotten a new phone.

Her mother will definitely scold me for not visiting for so long.

It’s late already.
Tomorrow morning l will go meet Ariel and explain things to her l really need someone to talk to.



🌺 Connor Braxton 🌺

That’s the reason l like her.
She is different.
Other girls in this situation will gladly accept the offer.
Who wouldn’t want to work for the Braxtons.

Am liking her even more.
And for Wyatt l never told him about lsabelle.
How did he get to find out and why did he lie to her?
I need to confront him.
The door opens and here comes the devil.

“Hey babe” she said and pecked me on the cheeks.
Aww gross! I thought.

“Brielle! Why are here? I asked irritated by her presence.


“Am your future wife so l have every right to be here” she replied.

Brielle is the daughter of my mother’s best friend.
Her mother is the owner of trott.
One of the companies that is held high esteemed in the US.
She is just a bitch who wants attention.
My mother has been forcing her on me and she isn’t helping matters.
Always clingy.
I hate clingy women.

“As you can see am busy so you are not welcomed please leave” l said sternly.

“Am not going anywhere” she said and sat on the swivel chair opposite my desk typing away on her phone and a chewing bubble gum.

“Stop it bitch, where are your manners don’t you see am trying to concentrate here” l said angrily.

For fuck sake those she have to chew it out that loud.

“Your called me a bitch?” She asked with a face that made me want to laugh at her.

“Am going to tell Aunt.” She said and l chuckled.

“Just get lost will you?” I retorted.

Hump! She said and stomped her feet on the floor hissed stomped out of the office and banged the door hard.


I can’t believe mom wants me to get married to a mad woman a pyschopath.

I took my phone and called the receptionist.

“Why did you allow that bitch into my office?”

“Am sorry sir, she forced her way in before l could call am truly sorry” she said from the other end.

“Whatever” l said and hung up.

She just succeeded in spoiling my mood.

The telephone rang again.


“Sir your brother is here to see you.”

” Do you have to call me first? Let him in” l said and ended the call.

The door creaked open and Wyatt walked in.

Well he is here at the right time.

Hey brother! I said.

“How are you doing?” He asked.

“Am good! as you can see” l replied and he settled on the couch in the office.

“I just came to see how you are fairing and don’t forget my birthday is around the corner.”

“Yes l can’t forget something that important.”


“Wyatt! How do you know lsabelle Lightwood and why did you lie to her?
How did you know l was saved by her l don’t remember mentioning it to you.”

He looked at me and was somehow taken aback by my sudden question.

“Well l just wanted to show appreciation to the person that saved my beloved brother.
Am sorry l lied.l found out from one of the people that brought you home.
He told me the place they found you and l did some investigation and found out it was her.
I just wanted to thank her on your behalf.

“Oh! It’s okay l knew you had your reasons.”

“So have you gotten a fiancee yet, you are supposed to present your fiancee on your twenty fifth birthday.”

“Yeah l haven’t found one but l was thinking of bringing lsabelle Lightwood and introduce her to dad and mom as my fiancee” he said and my face turned pale.

“It’s there a problem Connor?” He asked.

No! Am good l lied.

Oh no this can’t be happening!


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