Isabelle – Chapter 7&8

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕 (Stucked in between)💕
🌺 Chapter Seven🌺
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🙄Wyatt Braxton 🙄

I watched as his face turned pale.
This is exactly what l wanted.
I knew he likes lsabelle.

That’s why am bent on making her mine.

I had planned to murder whosoever that saved him but when l found out he likes her already l had to stop and plan things out she will be my tool in eliminating him.

I can’t bear to complete with him am the first son and I will be the only heir no matter what.

Am going to eliminate him in a way they won’t even trace it to me.

I know our mother doesn’t trust me.
His mother precisely.

That’s why am being cautious but he is dumb to see through me.

“Connor you okay!” I asked again.

“Yeah! Yeah! Am fine, l was actually thinking of something” He replied and forced a smile.

“Oh yeah! I knew he was thinking about his proposal to lsabelle, l bet am going to beat him to it.”

“If you don’t mind, l will get going l have some business to attend to” l said and got up and straighten my shirt.

“It’s fine thanks for the visit” He said and smiled faintly.

😍Connor Braxton 😍

I have to see lsabelle.
I can’t let her be my brothers fiancee.

I have always agreed with Wyatt in everything but l think l can’t just let go this time.

The telephone rang again.

“Hello sir! Mrs Braxton is here to see you”

“Do you have to call me first you are so annoying” l said and dropped the call.

The door opened and my mother walked in.

“Good day mom! I greeted and pecked her on her cheek.”

She settled on the seat quietly.

This is unusual for her.
Why is she being quiet?


“Mom what’s with the silent mode” l asked and she flared up.

This isn’t good.

“Really! Silent mood, well your stupidity has rendered me speechless” she yelled.

“Seriously mom! When are you going to stop pestering me? I asked angrily
Is it because Brielle told you l told her to get lost? I meant it when l told her to get lost because she is irritating.”

“Connor are you really my son?
Why are you so carefree and disobedient? You are the direct opposite of me.”

“Say whatever you want mother am already used to it.”

“Wyatt birthday is coming up what her your plans” she asked.

“What plans?”

“Just hear yourself, aren’t you supposed to engage Brielle before then, to show your father you are more responsible than Wyatt.”

“Mom! Am not competing with Wyatt am not interested in becoming the only heir.
Am not interested, Wyatt is the firstborn so it’s proper if he becomes the only heir” l said and in a flash her palms landed on my face.

🌺 Chapter Eight 🌺

“Mom! You slapped me? Did you just slap me? I asked angrily and she glared at me.

“For fksake am an adult mom l can make decisions for myself am so sueing you for this.”

“I dare you.”


“I dare you, you spoilt brat.”

“Go get an engagement ring you have to engage her as soon as possible.”

“Am never going to do that, you can go engage her yourself besides you like her not me.”

“Connor l know you are kind and softhearted, but one day you will come to understand why am being hard on you. I want the best for you son.”


“You don’t want the best for me mother, you just want to use me in achieving you selfish desires.”

“You are getting engaged and that’s final” she said and stomped out of the office.

( The next day)

I just came back from the hospital.
Mother’s health is improving.

Today she was able to feed herself and l was very happy.

I entered my apartment and dropped the food flask l have to see Ariel.


I walked out of the house and shut the door behind me.

It ve been long l came here l thought as l stood at the gate of the compound.

I knocked gently and the gate opened to reveal Ariel.

“Izzy! She called and we hugged briefly.

She dragged me in and locked the gate.

“Is your mom at home? ” I asked.


“No! My parents went on a business trip.”

“Thank goodness! Have escaped her scolding” l said and we laughed.

“Come on let’s go to my room” she said.


“So how did it go? You ve accepted y job already?”

“No! I haven’t.”

“Why Isabelle? What’s with the delay?”
“Come on Izzy you are wasting time.”

“You know what l don’t think l will accept it.”.

“Why is that? Don’t be silly you need the job.”


“Wyatt Braxton came to my apartment yesterday.”

“What! Why? Did he come to plead on Connor’s behalf!”

“Well that’s quite the opposite , he came to ask me to be his fiancee.”

“His what?”

“That’s not all he promised to take me to college, buy me a house in Canada and build me a hospital after graduating.”

“Oh My God! This is so tempting but his complicated.”

“Yeah! So it’s better l don’t accept either of them” l said.

“What do this rich people want with me? Am confused.”

“Look girlfriend you need a job so l will advise you to work for Connor, firstly, He asked first, secondly Wyatt’s proposal will bring you to the spotlight and l know you don’t want that.
Everyone will want to know the girl that stole the heart of a Braxton and your life can’t be peaceful anymore.”

“Yeah you are right, l need the job, l so badly need this job, l will accept Connor better right?”

“Yes Izzy, that’s the spirit go get the job.”

“Thanks Ariel.”

“Anything for you darling, now let’s go make lunch together eat and take some to your mom together.”


If you were lsabelle depending on the things she was going to gain which of the brothers will you choose


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