Isabelle – Chapter 9 &10

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺 Chapter Nine🌺
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I stared at my reflection in the mirror.
Today, l will ask mom for permission to start working.

Can l really do this?
I will have to leave mom all by herself.
Ariel will help me take care of her for the meantime before she goes back to school.

Who is going to take care of her when she leaves?
This is the question l kept asking myself.

Ariel is the only person l trust.

I sighed and dropped the mirror on the bed.

Am running out of food stuffs, this is the more reason l need to work.

I need to take good care of mom.

Sometimes l wish l was not an only child maybe there would have been someone to share this burden with me.

I will have to trek to the hospital and use the remaining money to go to Connor’s Mason.

I put the food flask in my bag and left heading to the hospital.




Mintues later l arrived the hospital.
I twisted the door knob and entered.
Mom sat peacefully on the bed.

“Good morning Mom” l greeted.

“Morning Izzy, how was your night?”

“Great mom, how are you feeling?”

“Good my dear, come sit here”
She said.

“Mom you don’t know how happy l am to see you getting better, you are responding fast to treatment.”

“Izzy, have been wanting to ask my dear, how did you get the money for my treatment especially when am in a VIP ward.”

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about it okay! Am going to tell you everything but first you have to get well soon and be rest assured that the bills were paid properly and l didn’t borrow money either, so don’t panick.”

“Alright! I trust you my dear, it pains me to see you suffer like this, this wasn’t the life l and your father planned to give you, we wanted to give you the best of everything, am so sorry lsabelle have failed as a mother” she said and sobbed.

“Mom, what are you saying?
Come mom, stop crying you are hurting me, you have never failed me in anyway, what happened this previous months weren’t planned, none of us where prepared for this.
Mom do you know the best thing you ve done for me?
It’s staying alive.
Thank you for staying alive mom
Thank you so much, l love you so much
mom, stop crying already l said and we hugged each other tightly as tears dropped from my eyes.

Geez! Am crying already, that’s me,l hate to see Mom cry it makes me cry too.

“What about college? how do you go back to college? What about your dreams?” She said and sobbed.

“Mom about going back to college, l got a job and the person agreed to sponsor me in college and pay me monthly if l become his personal nurse.”

“I came to ask for permission, if you don’t want me to go, l will wait and find another job.”

“He promised to sponsor you in college? That’s great news you can go take the job.”


“Mom is this about college or you really want me to go take the job?”

“No my dear l really want you to go besides my health is improving l can manage” she said.

“Thanks Mom, l will go take the job and l promise to visit always, l brought you breakfast and lunch, Ariel will bring dinner, am really going to miss you mom” l said and we hugged again.

“I will miss you too lzzy, please be of your best behaviour, l trust you my dear l know you won’t disappoint me.
Go make me proud.”

“Sure l will mom” l said and smiled sweetly at her.

“No curse word today lsabelle what happened to you.”

“Mom! Well am trying to stopping swearing l don’t want it to affect my new job” l said and she laughed.

“Mom stop laughing at me l will try okay!” I said and pouted.

“Alright l know you will.”

“Thanks l love you mom.”

“I love you too my dear.”



🌺 Connor Braxton 🌺

The telephone rang.

“Sir miss Newton is here to see you” the receptionist said and l hung up.

Why is she here again.


The door opened and she walked in smiling like an idiot because am definitely not the one she is smiling at.

“Connor! she called and pecked me on both cheeks.
Is that a routine? Pecking me on both cheeks! I will have to wash my face thoroughly when l get home.”

“Brielle! Why are you here.”

“Why do you always ask why am here Connor, l have every right to be here she said and sat on the couch.”

“Why won’t l ask?does this place look like a play ground to you where you come to lick ice cream and chew bubble gum like a slut?”

“Am your fiancee l have every right to be here” she said and l chuckled.

“Has my mother engaged you already?” I asked.

“Huh! What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Leave Brielle am busy” l said.

“This is not fair, you are always at work won’t allow me come visit you at home, l came to see you and now you are telling me to leave, why are you treating me like this? I love you Connor, l love you so much.”

“I don’t care, l was never a part of this, but you kept forcing yourself on me.
Go love my mother after all she is the one that loves you too and wants you engaged.”


There was a knock on the door.

“Come in” l said.

“Goodday sir” my PA greeted.

“Good day Felix, Brielle can you please excuse us!”

“Yh! I was leaving anyways” she said clutched her purse tightly and she left the office.

Good riddance.

“Felix how may l help you?
“Sir l came to give the information you requested for.”

“What information?”

“About lsabelle Lightwood.”

“I totally forgot.”


💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺Chapter Ten🌺



“According to the informant, he promised to send her to college and, buy her a house in Canada and build her a hospital when she graduates.”


“Hmmmmmm tempting, You may leave now thanks for the information.”

This is unbelievable Wyatt promised to do all this for Isabelle.
Does he have feelings for her too.

I was planning to go see her but l really want to see if she is different or it’s just my assumptions.

I want to see if she will be tempted by my brothers multiple offers.

As for mom, we haven’t made up ever since the argument we had the other day.

I missed her though.
It’s funny l always miss her although she scolds me at every given opportunity.

☹️ Brielle ☹️

I can’t continue like this.
I love him so much but he doesn’t seem to care.
It’s funny, because the more he rejects me the more l love him.

I need to see Aunt.
I got dressed quickly and and told my chauffeur to take me to the Braxtons masion.

Am definitely going to die from heart break if l continue like this.

After the long drive we arrived the masion.

My chauffeur got down e opened the car door for me.

What nonsense his he doing?

“Are you stupid?” l yelled at the old wretched driver.


“Why did you stop my car here? Do you expect me to walk past this concrete floor with my expensive shoes? Drive the car” in l yelled and he got in immediately.

There are alot of handsome and classic drivers, l don’t know why mom will employ a wretched looking man to be my chauffeur.

He stop the car at the first building in the masion.

This building is where Mr and Mrs Braxton stays.

There are four more buildings, One for Connor, another for Wyatt, the third is for guests while the fourth is the maids quarters.

Wyatt and Connor don’t live here, they stay in there masion, they sometimes stay in those buildings when they come to spend some time with there parents.

I got down from the car and walked majestically into the building.
I knew Mrs Braxton will be home now.

“Good day ma’am” the maids all greeted but l snubbed them as usual and walked straight to the gigantic living room.

I agree we are very rich but l admit the Braxtons are hundred percent richer than us.

Mrs Braxton was sitting on a cushion typing away on her phone.

“Good day ma’am” l greeted with my face scrunched up.

“Brielle my dear what a surprise, come my dear, come have a seat and why is your face like this? Don’t Tell me you fought with Connor again.”

“Yes it Connor, Aunt am tired anytime l go visit him, he hurts me with his harsh words, he made it clear that he isn’t interested, l can’t do this anymore.”

” I just have to move on, try forget Connor, please Aunt am going to tell my mom am no longer interested in Connor, he doesn’t love me, he will never love me” l explained.


“Oh! Come on Brielle stop saying that, Connor loves you okay, he loves you he is just being strong headed.

Please don’t give up on my son please Brielle, he loves you okay he does, you love him right? If you love him like you claim, then fight for him, make him see you are the one for him and he will come running to you.

Be patient my dear, Connor loves you too okay! Now my dear, come and give me a hug” she said and open her arms wide.

I stood up and entered her embrace, l think this is all l need right now
A hug!

“Don’t worry you are definitely the one for Connor, he is going to realize it soon enough.”

“Thanks Aunt am going to be patient and wait for him to confess his love for me.
Am going to fight for him.
Am going to fight for the man l love.”




💋 Isabelle 💋

After leaving the hospital l hailed a cab that took me to Connor’s masion.

Again l touched the golden gate and it opened automatically.

Is it really automatic or something or someone is controlling it? I thought as remembered the other day l tried to run away but it didn’t open even when l touched it.

Why is this place do quiet?

“Welcome lsabelle Lightwood” l heard the familiar voice.


His he a ghost or something.

“Goodday sir”l greeted.

“Sir?” He said with knitted brow.

“Hmmmm, sir l came to tell you l accept your proposal,am ready to work for you.”

“You thought it through?”

“Yes sir,I will be your personal nurse” l said and he smiled.

“Thank you lsabelle and stop calling me sir, l don’t want us to have a boss and employee relationship l want us to be friends okay!”

“Friends?” I asked surprised.

“Yeah friends” he said and stretched his hand to take mine.

I placed my hand on his and stared at him and he smiled.

My goodness how can a guy be this handsome l mean beautiful, he is a Braxton lsabelle what do you expect my subconsciousness yelled at me.

(This story was written by Joan lkponmwosa)

“Come in”he said and drags me along.

Never thought a Braxton can be this humble.


I think l like him.




🙄 Wyatt Braxton 🙄

I sat at the balcony smoking cigarettes, l haven’t heard from lsabelle Lightwood on her decision about my prosposal.

No wonder Connor likes her, she is different, lot of ladies would have accepted the offer immediately or they would have been the one to propose.


“Yes Philip.”

“I got new on lsabelle Lightwood.”


“She went to Mr Connor’s Masion.”

“Goddamnit! I cussed and broke the wine glass in annoyance.”

She chooses Connor over me? Interesting! How interesting.

“You may leave now.”

“Yes sir.”

Hmmmmm such a sweet ladies l think l like her, she wasn’t tempted by my proposals.

Am still gonna use her anyways but now l need to change my plans.

Isabelle Lightwood, a tough one but am tougher.

Don’t be deceived about the episode Written on top
In the last episode I joined Episode 7 and 8
So on this Episode am joining episode 9 and 10

Next episode would be 11 and 12
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