Isreal DMW fiancé narrates how she met him

By: Sarkolee / September 13th, 2022 / 22 views

Sheila Courage, the finance for Israel DMW, has described how she met the love of her life as a result of that particular incident.

Isreal had shared a few pre-wedding images on Instagram, which had people drooling and commenting on how strikingly similar she looked to Chioma, Davido’s third baby mama.

The lovebirds’ first encounter, according to his woman’s update, happened while evangelizing.

She bragged in her caption that she had also won his soul in addition to his heart.

The message says:

So I met this young not so gentle man😁(you get it)while on outreach and clearly I didn’t just win a soul I got the heart 🥰😍”