It is better to have a child with someone you don’t love at all ~ Actress Yvonne Nelson opens up

By: Sarkolee / May 26th, 2022 / 127 views

Yvonne Nelson, a popular Ghanaian actress and film producer, has explained why it is preferable to have a child with someone with whom you have no strong sentiments.

The single mother of one believes that having a child with someone with whom you are not emotionally attached or in love is more appropriate and safer.

In a recent interview with Hitz FM, Yvonne Nelson remarked that having a kid with someone you love can cause emotional hardships, particularly in cases of infidelity.

She said;

I feel like when you wanna have a kid, it should be even with someone you are not in love with because the moment the sole-called husband goes to cheat, you will catch feelings and start going mad

She added that if a couple isn’t in love but has a child together, their actions and infidelity won’t effect each other since they’ll treat each other like friends despite the fact that they have a child together.

Yvonne also stated that she is willing to have a second child with any man who is capable and willing to shoulder responsibilities, but that this will not happen because they are in love with each other, and so the decision to have a child would be based on mutual agreement and respect.

People also shout on social media and insult their relationships since their love for them has been disrupted for one reason or another, according to her.

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