I’ve moved away from DJ Cuppy – Brodda Shaggi

By: Naijamedialog / March 23rd, 2022 / 69 views

Samuel Perry, better known by his stage as Broda Shaggi, a Nigerian actor and skit creator, has stated why he no longer includes references to celebrity Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy, in his skits.

At one point in his career, the content producer made mentioned to DJ Cuppy as a potential love interest.

brodashaggi and dj cuppy

The actor, who spoke to Hip TV about his decision to cease referencing her, explained that it was for content purposes at the time, and that he has since gone on to new projects.

“It was a component of the content when I first started, but the content has developed since that time.” We have changed the content of this page.

“I’ve decided to make this my full-time job.” Every time I generate content, I carve out time to prepare for the shoot ahead of time. There isn’t enough time. I don’t get out all that often anymore. I am a more reserved individual who prefers to be indoors. “I don’t go to clubs, not because it’s a negative thing, but because it’s not my style,” he explained.

cuppymusic to broda shaggi

Further, the self-styled ‘Fine boy agbero’ stated that he lives alone and that the loneliness motivates him to be more creative in his endeavors.

“I am inspired by my surroundings,” he continued. I live alone, I get my best ideas when I am alone, and the majority of the time when I am alone, you will only see me laughing. When I am with myself, I scribble down notes and write stories.”

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