Just one night – Part 1

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Just one night story



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(Written by Authoress Ti Fe ❤📚)


I walked underneath the umbrella he held up high to help me from getting drenched from the rain.

I can’t believe there are still good souls in San Francisco after some guys tried to rape me. Luckily for me, I was rescued on time.

“You don’t need to do this. You probably have somewhere you are headed. I can take care of myself from here.” I said looking at him.

I had to look at him up there, he was way taller than I am. He had this brown curly hair with dark stains on it.

* I can’t believe I just noticed that.* I was able to notice this because we passed underneath the bright street light when I looked up.

“It is fine Ma’am, I would take you home safely and then be on my way home. I can’t let you walk home all by yourself, it’s late.” He said in a very thick voice.

“Oh,” I uttered brushing my hair beneath my ear with my hand. I didn’t know how to start a real conversation with him.

My house was few kilometers away and I couldn’t keep mute till I got there. I need to engage my helper in a convo right?

“We would soon get to my apartment,” I stated shyly and he nodded. I was craving to see how he looked, his face, his eyes. But it was unfortunate for me that it was dark.

After some minutes of walking speechlessly again, I spoke up.

“My name is Sharon,” I said hugging my bag as I felt the sudden cool breeze blow through my clothing making me shiver.

“I am Timi and I regret not having a jacket with me at the moment. I am so sorry.” He said and I smiled.

“No, no it’s fine. You are not some prophet that would see the rain coming.” I said sarcastically and he laughed.

There was this flavor in the way he laughed. I couldn’t phantom exactly what flavor it was. But I was eager to know more.

“Oh, my house is over there,” I said pointing to the left and he nodded.

“Right. The earlier the better, you need to keep yourself warm.” He said as we walked to the left and stopped in front of my house.

We both stood in front of my front door and he lowered the umbrella.

“Nice apartment.” He said wiping his hair to the back with his hand.

Finally! I could see his face! He looked extremely gorgeous! He looked like chocolate to me.

They are my favorite.
“Thank you for bringing me home,” I said and he nodded.

“You are welcome.” He said reaching for the umbrella, he was a bit drenched and I could see the cold in his breath.

“Do you want to come in?” I asked and he turned to look at me.

“I mean, the rain is still pretty heavy. You could just wait for some minutes, and when It reduces you can go. My heater is working.” I rapped and he smiled nodding.

“I can use that help. Thank you.” He said and I felt butterflies in my belly!

I did it, I invited him in. I opened the door and stepped in, and he followed behind.


“… Luckily for you, I found this…” I said and paused immediately I saw him shirtless on the couch.

*OMG* the shirt I held dropped from my hand making Timi rush to me worried.

“Are you alright?” He asked and instead of responding, I stared endlessly at his naked chest in front of me.

I tried to speak but I couldn’t find the right words, I mean, I was dumbfounded.

“Oh.” He uttered after noticing where and why I was staring.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” He said bending and picking up the shirt that fell from my hand.

He looked up while still bending and I felt exposed! Why? I already changed out of my wet clothing into my pajamas which were quite short and transparent.

I closed my thighs tighter and saw a smirk on his face as he got up.

“I am sorry, I was lost in the beauty of your skin. It is so beautiful.” He said smiling so seductively. It was driving me nuts!

“Are… Ahh… I… I brought the shirt for you, to help you with the cold.” I stammered trying so hard to look away from his rigid-looking chest and abs.

*if he looks like this at the top, what about the bottom?* Oh my… I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

“Oh, thank you. But how come you have a male’s shirt? Do you have a partner? Or brother?” He asked and to my amusement, he placed the shirt on the couch.

*why is he placing it on the couch? He should wear it.* I thought feeling I would end up staring at him again and this time, it wouldn’t be good.

“It’s my ex’s,” I replied licking my lips. Yeah, I do that when nervous.

“Oh, my bad. I am so sorry.” He said still standing in front of me and I shook my head smiling.

“Oh it’s nothing, It’s been three years now,” I replied and his mouth dropped open.

“Right.” He said nodding slowly.

“C’mon take your seat and let’s talk. I want to know more about my late-night angel.” I flattered and he chuckled.

“Sounds great.” He said walking to the couch, and that was it!!! Every f**king thing about the top of his body was exciting!! He had this super gorgeous tattoo all over his back.

*And yeah, I was back at the gazing phase again.*

This time, it was different. I wanted to touch him, I mean… He’s back, the tattoo you know.

“So, tell me about yourself,” I said eagerly. I sat on the couch next to him, my legs were crossed, and I made sure I sat very well. Didn’t want to give him the * I want you to f**K me hard impression*

Wanted to be… You know, to be a normal and sane lady.

“Well, there is nothing much to say or share. I am Timi, I dance, and I, I like women.” He said and I arched my brows.

“Oh, that was precise,” I said nodding rapidly.

“And you? I bet there is so much to know about you.” He responded and I chuckled.

“Not really, I am Sharon, an emotionally damaged lady who wishes sex so much,” I said and my eyes widened immediately I realized I said that out aloud.

“Wow, that was quite precise.” He responded and I felt so embarrassed and shy.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” I said bowing my head and biting my lips.

“C’mon Sharon, it’s no big deal. I am no baby, and I know how staying without sex for 3 years can be. You crave for it every f**king day.” He said and I nodded. I was happy that he didn’t see me as a crazy sex bitch, but rather understood me.

“To be honest, I have never said this to anyone,” I said and he furrowed his brows.

“Really? Well, things don’t surprise me. Pretty used to *anything is possible.*” He said giggling.

“I wish I had people like you around, not those that would think I am insane or something,” I said sadly.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to be sad. Let’s forget about this okay?” He said and I nodded.

*it was a terrible big lie!!! I didn’t want to forget about it! I wanted him to tell me that he would help me with my cravings.* Wait, do I sound crazy right now?

“Permit me to say this, you look very beautiful. Your skin, your face, your body. Why would you not have sex for more than three years?” He asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Well, maybe I didn’t want to,” I said not knowing the words to say that would make him want me.

“So, now you do?” He asked. And there it is! * I think I am making progress!*

“Yes, I do.”, I said and he nodded slowly.

“Are you sure you are not cold in these? I mean it’s kinda light, I can lend you the shirt.” He said and I was down again.

*No! I don’t want any more clothes! I want to get it all off, how would I let him know this?*

“Arrr, the tattoo at your back. Can I? I mean can I touch it? I just want to feel it.” I said before thinking and his opened mouth went shut as he nodded.

“Sure.” He said moving closer to me and turning his back against me.

*okay, Sharon!! This is your chance!!!*



Sharon is a drama queen 😂😂😂

All Sharon’s are😂😂😂
I am a living example 🥺

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