Just One Night – Part 15

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Just one night story



(No strings attached 🙃)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💗📚


“I got a call from Greg now, do you know about it?” I asked walking into Timi’s office.

“No, what is the call about?” He asked. He had his legs crossed on the table, he seemed very busy on his laptop.

“He asked me to come and pack my stuff from the company,” I replied.

“Won’t you be needing them here?” He asked not raising his head.

“I would, but is that what it is?” I asked and he finally looked up.

“What do you think it is?” He asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Maybe you told him you want me here permanently,” I said and he scoffed.

“I would not do anything against your will, and why would Greg just give up one of his best workers. I believe it is nothing special. He feels since you are working here permanently, you would need some stuff.” He said and I sighed.

“Okay, if you say so,” I said and turned to leave when he stopped me.

“How are you coping?” He asked and I smiled looking at him.

“I am coping, just new to most of the stuff. I would adjust with time.” I said and he nodded.

“I know, I trust you. You are a smart person, you would cope.” He said and I smiled faintly finally working out of his office.

I walked down my office, passing the same place where I used to pass, and then I noticed this guy staring at me. This isn’t the first time since I got there.

But he always left me wondering why he kept staring at me since I got there.

I ignored him and kept walking when I heard someone call me from behind. I looked back and it was him, he was coming behind me.

“Hi.” He said smiling and I returned the gesture by smiling too.

“Hi,” I responded.

“Earn, I know you are a bit busy now but can we talk over lunch today? It’s not a date, I don’t want you to feel awkward.” He said and I chuckled nodding.

“Okay, see you at lunch,” I replied.

“At the restaurant in the company, I would be there before you show up.” He said and I nodded smiling and I walked away.

I turned to the path that led to my office when a lady crossed my path.

“Hey.” She greeted and I smiled.

“Hey,” I responded.

“He came to talk to you right?” She asked looking at the guy. I can’t believe I didn’t even ask for his name.

“Yes, why?” I asked and she giggled.

“He does that to every newcomer.” She said and I nodded.

“That means he is nice right?” I asked and she furrowed her brows shaking her head.

“Hell no, he is nothing close to nice. He uses lunch and sweet talks to entice ladies, nothing good about meeting him.” She explained, she seemed pained.

“Oh,” I uttered turning to look at the guy.

“You need to be careful around him, he isn’t such a nice guy. I wonder why Mr. Timi still keeps him in this company.” She shrugged and I smiled faintly.

“Thanks,” I replied walking past her. I decided not to talk to anybody else till I got to my office. I got to my office, and I shut the door behind me.

I breathed out in relief and walked to my chair to have my seat. I picked up my phone, I wanted to send a voice message to Valeria.

“Hey Babe, sorry I haven’t contacted you since morning. I have been stuck with so much work here. And so you know, things are fine now. Timi isn’t bugging me anymore and Victor and I are perfectly fine now.”

“I am so happy everything is beginning to make sense. So you tell me, how are things over there? And yes! You are yet to tell me about your boyfriend since the last time we talked about him.” She stated and sent it to her.


I was done with the presentation, I walked to my office after greeting the manager when my phone vibrated.

I pulled out my phone from my pocket tiredly and unlocked it. It was a message from Becca. I opened it and it happened to be a picture.

I downloaded the picture and it was her, she tied herself to the bed and she was naked. It felt hard immediately, seeing her submissive.

“Mr. Victor.” My PA called and I hid my phone quickly and looked at him.

“Yes?” I asked.

“We have another meeting in thirty minutes.” He said and I shook my head.

“Cancel all meetings, I need to be somewhere,” I responded and his mouth dropped open.

“Sir, it is the big meeting we have been waiting for. Canceling it is a big risk.” He explained and I nodded.

“I know, but right now I need to be somewhere, it is more important okay? Tell them I fell ill. We would see tomorrow.” I started packing my stuff and he bobbed.

“So, can I do anything for you before you leave?” He asked and then I remembered she asked me to bring wine when coming.

“Get me our most expensive wine, I need that at the meeting too,” I ordered and he walked out of the office to get it.

My phone vibrated again. Becca sent another message.

“My hands are hurting already, I had to release one to send this to you.” She texted.

“Stay right there, tie the second hand. I would be right there.” I replied and turned off my phone.

Samuel came back with the wine and placed it on the table. “You should take it to the car,” I stated and he carried it and walked out again.

Finally, I was done packing and I headed out of the company. I was so eager to see Becca again. Samuel put the wine in the car and I thanked him before hopping into the car.

I ignited the engine and headed right to Becca’s house.


I walked into the house, threw my bunch of keys on the couch, and run up the stairs, heading straight to her room.

I opened her door and saw her the same way she was in the picture. I wanted to devour her at that very minute. I felt my d**k twitch at the sight of her.

“I know you more than anybody else.” She uttered with a sexy smile on her face.

“Yes, you do. And that is why you got my attention.” I answered back walking close to her. I shook the wine in my hand making her laugh.

“I need that wine so bad. Can you release me?” She asked in a whisper and bit her lips. I shook my head placing the bottle of wine on the table next to her.

“Please.” She begged and I shook my head.

“You know I hate pleads,” I said and she laughed.

“I know, I want you to punish me.” She replied and I smiled wickedly.

“I would but not now, I am in a very good mood,” I said reaching for the wine and opening it. I poured some in my mouth and gulped it down.

“Let me have a taste.” She pleaded and I moved my mouth to hers and kissed her making her taste the wine.

“Hmmm.” She moaned licking off the flavor from my mouth.

I disengaged and picked up the bottle again, I moved it to her mouth and poured it carefully inside her mouth. I made some pour on her breasts and this made her shiver.

Then I lowered myself and licked it off her with my tongue. Her eyes went shut and she let out slight moaning.

“If only your wife knew the kind of beast you are in my bed.” She muttered.

“Shut up,” I answered taking her nipples in my mouth aggressively making her moan aloud.

“Yes! Pleasure!” She moaned.



Can someone give Victor a name?

This is serious 😒😒😒

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