Just One Night – Part 21

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Just one night story


(No strings attached 🙃)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe ❤📚



I saw Granny Gloria walk down the streets with a boy with her. He was a little boy.

I was so excited to see her again after the great advice she gave me, so I called her through the window making her stop.

“Granny Gloria!” I called and I watched her stop abruptly. She looked straight at my window and saw me. I waved at her, and she smiled widely after confirming it was me.

I left the window and walked out of the house heading to where she stood in the streets.

“Good morning child. How are you?” Gloria asked and I nodded smiling

“I am great, after the advice you gave me that day. I couldn’t stop thanking you in my spirit. Come in and I would serve you coffee.” I said looking at the small boy who just gazed at me.

“Okay, but it won’t stay long. Pablo is always so overprotective of Boma and he mustn’t know I took him into a stranger’s house.” She said dragging her feet to the house.

“I am sure he would be fine with it. I won’t take much of your time, I just feel I owe you a coffee to thank you.” I said opening the main door and stepping aside for them to walk in.

She and the little boy stepped in and she looked around the house in awe. It was looking moderate in size and very beautiful.

“I love your house child. So not spacious, I would be able to think in peace.” She uttered and I furrowed my brows wondering what space had to do with thinking.

I understood she was old and she could start talking like a god, so I ignored the statement and offered the couch for her to sit on.

“I would make the coffee now, please wait,” I said and she shook her head tapping the couch she sat on.

“Come and sit, let the talking come first.” She said smiling and I accepted without thinking and sat next to her.

“So tell me what is going on in your mind.” She uttered and I smiled widely and sighed.

“After getting to work after we last saw, I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said, the question you asked if I was ready to choose the caring one over the pleasure or vice versa.”

“You made it clear that they can’t have the two traits at the same time, so I thought about it so hard and I have decided to forget all about the stranger.”

“So this stranger, he isn’t caring, he is just after sex?” She asked and I was about to nod when I began to recall all Timi had done for me.

Then I stopped recalling, he could just be doing that to get my attention. I shouldn’t get carried away.

“Yes, I think so. He has been acting very nice but I am not sure it is who is he, he could just be acting like that so I could come to him or something.” I replied and she nodded slowly.

“And your caring husband Victor, how has he been after I spoke to you? Did he change or it’s still the same?” She further asked and I sighed bowing my head.

“It’s the usual, and I think It got worse. He has not touched me and last night I was so horny, but he was tired. I have to use a vibrator to cum.” I told and her eyes widened.

“Damn! I used that stuff too. It’s so crazy.” She said and I busted into laughter. Hearing that from an old woman was funny as f**k.

“You did?” I asked and she nodded.

“I had similar problems with you in my marriage, but that is for another day okay? So can I ask you a question?” She inquired and I bobbed paying rapt attention. It was like she is my mother.

“I would love to answer your questions,” I told and she chuckled.

“Have you ever thought Victor has someone apart from you? I mean, that he is seeing? He has not touched you for days, he is someone that can hold himself for days? Or maybe he isn’t enjoying your sex at all.” She stated and for one time I was lost…

“I have never thought about it because he wouldn’t do that. I am the bad one here not him Granny. If he had someone, he would have acted it and I would have known…”

“It’s just working. He is always hooked up with work. Even when he traveled, he hardly called because of his tight schedule.” I told and she narrowed her gaze.

“He hardly called?… When he came back, did he act strange? Like in bed? Took some calls in private? Ignored some calls which he has never done before? Awkward late coming? Not bugging you about stuff anymore?” She asked and my eyes widened thinking all about it.

“He did everything, he gave me a wound on my lip when we were in the mood too,” I responded and she moved her face closer to my face.

“Wow, I can’t believe I am just seeing that scar on your lip. Well, I can’t judge by those things, but you need to watch out. It could work truly, and it may be something else, or let me say someone else.” She told.

“So you mean Victor could be cheating?” I asked and she shrugged her shoulders.

“Any man can cheat, you can’t be too comfortable. But you need to be very careful. Now, let’s talk about the stranger. Since you two hooked up, have you seen him with another lady? Or noticed something strange?” She asked and I shook my head reluctantly.

“No, not really. He has been all over me, I have rarely met him on a phone call, I don’t think he likes phone calls.” I stated and she smiled softly.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to complicate things but you need to think about what I said again. I am not accusing your husband or painting him bad, but you have the right to know what is going on here.” She said and I nodded.

“I understand Granny Gloria. Thank you so much for another wonderful piece of advice from you. I can’t wait to hear about your marriage another day. I am running late for work.” I said and she smiled standing up.

“I will take my coffee that day then. And you owe my great-grandson something too, he inspired the ideas.” She said and we both laughed.

“I would very soon, I would bring gifts when coming to your house next,” I told looking at him and he nodded smiling. He was such a cute little boy.

“We should leave now so you can prepare for work. You can’t afford to get fired.” She said and I nodded smiling.

“I can’t. I would walk you to the streets.” I responded and she shook her head.

“No, it’s fine you should be in the bathroom now. I would walk myself, I am not a baby. Moreover, Boma is here with me, the big man is enough escort.” She teased and I laughed nodding.

“Thank you so much for today Granny Gloria, I would make it up to you this weekend,” I said and she nodded walking out of the house.

I sighed standing in that same spot for some minute. I could stop thinking about what she said.

“Could Victor be cheating on me?” I thought and shook my head immediately. That is impossible, he isn’t bad. I am the bad one.

I walked to the room, it was time to get started for the day.


“You made a stupid mistake coming to my house. Why would you even do that?” I asked her. We sat in the restaurant, at a corner where we wouldn’t be easily seen.

“You were ignoring my calls and even switched off your phone, I was worried,” Becca replied pouting her mouth and I sighed bowing my head.

I didn’t know if it was the frustration or anger I was feeling at the moment.

“Listen, Becca, you can’t just walk up to my door anytime or anyhow you want okay? I have a wife.” I stated and she arched her brows.

“You have a wife? Yes, you do. But I don’t care, it’s not her I want it’s you.” She said and I sighed holding my head in my hand.

“Can you even listen to yourself talk? You can’t ruin my marriage Becca, we promised to have only fun, just fun. But you are making it a big deal now, I love my wife.” I told and she scoffed.

“But she can’t let you be the beast you are on the bed? You can’t explore that wild desire inside of you because you feel she would go away. The love is dying Victor and you know it.” She said.

“That is my own business, not yours okay? Look here, stick to our deal and we are cool. You can’t come any close to my wife, you can’t love me! The most important thing.” I replied and I saw her eyes water.

“So I am the tool? The one you can give bruises all over her like I am some toy or something?” She asked shedding tears and I felt so bad immediately.

I hate seeing women cry. It’s not good at all.

“Becca please stop crying, I didn’t mean it that way. Of course, I do like you and that is why I haven’t decided to explore other women.” I said and she bowed her face.

“Then leave Sharon, I have everything she has, and even more. You know this but you keep telling yourself lies that you love her.” She replied angrily.

“I am sorry for making you so angry, but we shouldn’t say much in an open space like this. We would continue this some other time.” I said and she nodded.

“Yes, some other time, my apartment tomorrow night.” She said standing up abruptly, she carried her bag and walked out swaying her hips.

I wanted to call her back but then I decided to let her go. I couldn’t create a scene in the restaurant. Becca loves to seek attention, it would be a disadvantage to me.


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