Just One Night – Part 22

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Just one night story



(No strings attached 🙃)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 🖤📚

I got to the company, I parked the car at the designated area before walking into the company.

After yesterday, I felt I couldn’t look Timi in the eyes anymore. He probably wants to give up on me now and look for another person.

“Isn’t that what I always wanted?” I asked myself. I sighed heavily as I opened the elevator. As it opened, I found Timi standing right there.

I was shocked to see him there and I couldn’t move.

“Why are you so shocked? Come in before the door closes.” He replied smiling and I walked in slowly. I wasn’t surprised because he was there, of course, he could be anywhere, it is his f**king company.

But I was shocked seeing him right there in front of me while I was still thinking about him. I wasn’t prepared to face him.

“Good morning.” He greeted jolting me out of my thoughts.

“Good morning Mr. Timi,” I responded and I heard him laugh faintly beside me.

“Mr? When did we become all formal?” He asked and I looked at him
“You are my boss, and I should give you that respect no matter what,” I responded and he smiled nodding.

“I think I understand.” He said moving closer to me and I began to move back.

“Mr. Timi?” I called wondering why he was approaching me. It was kind of suspenseful to me. Soon, my back hit the body of the elevator and I had nowhere else to run.

“I am your boss right.” He whispered moving his face to mine, and I nodded gluing myself to the body of the Elevator even more.

“Then, I can do anything to you, right? Since I am your boss.” He added with his face just a few inches from mine. I could feel his breathe on my face as he spoke and this was kind of hot!

“We are…” I uttered not knowing exactly what to say. He smiled and I could feel his lips brushing mine slightly.

“You don’t know how much I want to f**k kiss these lips right now.” He whispered and my feet wobbled.

“F**k! Down, inside of me, I wanted him badly. He smelled so nice and I would love to taste those lips again. But then again, Sharon you are married!” I thought staring at his lips too.

He raised his hand and held my chin softly, he used his thumb to brush my lower lips. F**k! I was so done for him at the moment.

I couldn’t push him away, I wanted more! I craved for more. I wanted his lips to cover mine, I wanted him to give me cute lip bites.

“We would continue after work.” He whispered for the last time moving away from me, and instantly the elevator door opened, revealing some workers waiting to get in.

“Good morning Mr. Timi.” They greeted and he smiled back walking out of the elevator, and I followed behind him.

“What just happened? That was fast and accurate. He knew when eve elevator was going to open? Or he sensed that people would be in front of the door?” I thought still following behind him.

Then, I found myself in his office already.

“Mrs. Sharon, do you have anything to say to me? Your office is down there, not here.” He said and my eyes widened.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had followed him Into his office when I was thinking. Now, he would think I want more, I can’t let him know this…

“Erm, actually, I came to talk to you about… The painting! The one we are supposed to paint today. When are we starting?” I asked and he sat on his chair looking at me.

“What time do you think is convenient for you according to your schedule?” He asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

“For today, that is the only thing on my schedule. We need to finish it before tomorrow, we are having buyers here tomorrow.” I told and he bobbed.

“I know about the buyers, and that is why that is the only thing on my schedule too. So, you should go change into the overall in the store and come back. I would be in the painting room.” He told and I nodded walking briskly out of his office.

As I walked back to my office, I saw Matt again. This time, he was on a phone call and he seemed kind of serious.

I walked closer and I heard him say…

“You cause all this rubbish. Who is this guy by the way?” He asked and when he saw me, he smiled widely and I smiled back too.

“Let me call you back.” He said to the person at the other end, and he hung up the call.

“Hey good morning.” He greeted smiling very widely. It was kind of fake to me. Or maybe it was real, but I didn’t want him to smile at me that way.

“Good morning, you didn’t have to hang up. I am kind of busy right now and we won’t be able to talk.” I told and he furrowed his brows.

“Really? What are you busy doing?” He asked and I sighed
I didn’t know if telling him about the painting too was fine by Timi. At this moment, I would try to avoid any disclosure to Matt.

Still looking for the right statement to give to him, I heard Timi call from inside his office.

“I expect you to be ready by now. What are you still doing hanging around Mrs. Sharon?” He asked in an angry tone.

“Oh my… I need to go now, Matt. I have urgent things to attend to.” I said walking away real quick. I quite understood the reason why Timi acted that way.

He didn’t want me to say anything to Matt, and that was the only way he could stop the conversation. I am quite happy he did that.

I got to the store, picked up an overall, and began to change. I shut the door so that people like Matt wouldn’t spy on me.

I wore the overall in no time, it kind of fits me perfectly. I held my cloth in my hand and walked back to my office to keep them safe.

As I was doing that, someone knocked on my door and walked it. It was Matt again. I felt like screaming at him but then, I had to stay cool and calm.

“He shouldn’t talk to you like that.” He uttered and I raised my head to take a look at him.

“Pardon?” I uttered and he breathed out walking closer to my desk.

“He has no right to yell at you like that.” He added and I smiled.

“Of course he does have the right. He is the boss around here Matt, and I was talking instead of working, so I understand his anger.” I said noticing the anger in his eyes.

“It still doesn’t give him the f**king right to yell at us. He was too rude.” He added and I walked to where he was standing.

“It is fine Matt, trust me. It is totally fine, I get him.” I said walking to the door and opening it. He walked out and I followed behind him shutting my door.

“You are painting?” He asked after noticing the outfit I wore. I nodded and headed to Timi’s office immediately.

“We would talk later. Thank you for the concern.” I told and didn’t look until I got to Timi’s office. I met a door opened in the office, I never thought the door was there.

It had a painting on it that didn’t make me notice the door that was there.

“I am in here.” I heard Timi say and I saw light come on in the room. I walked to the door and peeped inside to see a very beautiful painting studio.

“Wow,” I uttered in awe.

“Come in.” He said and I walked into the studio, I walked in a 360-degree manner to examine the room well. It was built with so much beauty.

“How long has this been there?” I asked and he turned to look at me.

“Since the beginning of the company. This is where I make all the paintings, before carrying them to the office. The staff knows about this room, but this is the first time I am bringing someone in. You are the first staff to see this.” He told and I smiled widely.

“I appreciate that.* I said smiling.

“I am sorry for the way I yelled at you earlier. I didn’t mean to, I would never do that.” He uttered and I smiled nodding.

“I know, you wanted me to the whatsoever conversation I was having with Matt, I get it. He is truly jealous of you.” I stated and he sighed.

“He would be out of here in no time. Let’s forget about him for now and start painting.” He said and I nodded walking closer to him.


At the office, I couldn’t think straight. I was troubled and I couldn’t figure out why.

Maybe because I was cheating on my wife? Or because I was mean to Becca. I needed to see a therapist and here I am.

“So Mr. Victor, you are a dominant person in bed and you love afflicting pain to derive pleasure?” My therapist said and I nodded.

“Yes, and I can’t see my wife get hurt.” He added and my therapist nodding jotting down some things.

“And that is why you chose to cheat with another woman who is your taste, who loves the same thing as you right?” He further interrogated and I nodded bowing my head.

“Have you ever thought of telling Sharon, your wife the kind of man you are?” He asked and I shook my head.

“Never, I have never thought of that and I wouldn’t do that,” I responded and he furrowed his brows.

“And why is that?” He asked adjusting his glasses.

“Because I have shown her a BDSM clip for fun and she so hated it. She said how would a man love to afflict pain on his lover or a random lady, that It was pure wickedness.” I explained and he breathed out loudly.

“So you are scared of telling her you are someone like that so she doesn’t leave you?” He asked.

“Exactly,” I replied.

“Is Becca the first?” He asked and I bowed my head.

“No,” I responded and he nodded reluctantly again.


Becca is not the only one? 😲😲

When has he been cheating? 😲😲😲

I love y’all 🥺😍😍😍

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