Just One Night – Part 24

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Just one night story



(No strings attached 🙃)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe ❤📚


“Blindfold? Okay, that is new.” I said as my smiled went faint. Why was he talking about it? Blindfold? It sounded weird and fun at the same time.

“Trust me, you are not going to regret it.” He said smiling and then I nodded slowly.

“Fine… Do whatever you want.” I said chuckling. I closed my eyes and after few seconds I felt the blindfold against my face.
It was smooth clothing, and it didn’t hurt my eyes at all. This made me feel a little comfortable.

Though I should feel very comfortable with my husband, I think that changed when he almost bit my lip off.

“Are you okay?” Victor asked calling my wandering mind back home.

“Yes, I am. Just can’t stop thinking of what next you would do.” I stated and I heard him laugh faintly.

“Just relax, you would love this.” He said and I began to feel his hand on my skirt. He held it by the waist and I figured he wanted to pull it off.

I raised my hips a little, and he got it without stress. I could feel the air on my pu**y because I had a net pant on. It was kind of a relief to me. Then, all of a sudden, I felt his hand on my p**sy making me shiver.

I didn’t see that coming, how would I know when I was blindfolded? It kept me on the edge and the suspense was another kind of pleasure to me.

He rubbed his hand over my p**sy through my panties slowly and my lips parted as air escaped through my mouth.

All of a sudden, I felt his tight grip on my pantie and before I knew it, he tore it apart while it was still on me making me gasp. It was kind of violent, I felt my heart skip.

“I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” He whispered in my ear and I nodded slowly. Of course, he wouldn’t, he is my husband.

He took my left hand and I felt something very cold around my wrist, it was a handcuff.

“What are you doing Victor?” I asked fearfully but he uttered no words, he moved my left hand to the top of the bed and hung it right there.

“Victor?” I called in fear. I had never done it before. I kept imagining different things and they were beginning to freak me out.

“Hey Sharon, I love you okay? I would never hurt you. I need you to trust me, I won’t do anything to make you hate me. Please…” He muttered against my lips making me nod again.

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I just hope he was right, I just hope I could trust him at this moment. I was goddamned scared.

He took my right hand and placed the handcuff on it too, he hung it the same way he did to my left hand.

There I was, unable to move my hands. He could do anything to me at that moment and I just had to play cool? After what he did the last time we made out?

“Don’t try to struggle, you could hurt yourself. Your both hands are held, my iron baby.” He said to me and I nodded uttering no words.

I had to keep calm, I couldn’t create another mark on myself again. He reached for the shirt I wore and began to flip it open. He was pretty fast about it.

How did I not know he was into stuff like this? This is BDSM, right? Oh God, I hope I am right trusting him at this point. I am defenseless.

After he was done, he tore the shirt just as he tore the panties making me flinch again.

“Do you have to tear every goddamned thing, victor? C’mon.” I said before thinking and I heard him laugh.

“I would get you more than one, that is part of the fun, Sharon. Just flow with it.” He stated from only God knows where.

“Well this is insanity to me,” I said in a low tone so he wouldn’t hear me. I didn’t want him to feel a bad idea.

He reached for my bra, luckily for him, it had the clip in the front. He got it off without stress and I felt him toss it away. At least he didn’t tear this one.

He grabbed my b**bs all of a sudden making me moan silently. That was kind of hot though. His grip was firm and I loved it. He traced his tongue over my n**plus without releasing his grip and it felt so good. I felt my ni**les harden as he did this.

Suddenly, he let go of my b**bs and moved away from the bed. What the heck was he planning this time? I was dying of suspense.

Still at the edge, I felt something very light, like a feather brush against my pu**y, and this sent goosebumps all over me. It felt so good!

He kept tapping my pu**y with it and I began to moan, louder than before. The sensation was engrossing, I wanted more. I craved for me. I wanted him to f**k me already.

I felt him move the feathered material down to my thighs and this made me go insane even more. The pleasure was choking and I loved it!

He moved it up to my face and down again, my lips parted out of pleasure. I couldn’t stop moaning, I didn’t want him to stop.

He started beating my cl*ts with the material again and I began to arc my hips. I began to drip right there. It was pleasurable than I imagined.

It was super amazing!

Then I felt his hand tracing every part of my body as he owned it. Well, he owns it, he is my husband.

“Do you like it?” He asked whispering into my ears and I nodded. I lost my ability to talk at that moment.

“Say it.” He whispered again.

“Yeah,” I responded with my eyes shut in pleasure under the blindfold.

“What was that?” I asked him but he didn’t utter a word anymore. I kept mute expecting the next thing he wanted to do.

Then he grabbed my leg with some kind of force and he began to tie it to the edge of the bed. I felt he was angry and I was becoming scared again.

“Victor…” I called but he didn’t answer me. Instead, he reached for my other leg and tied it to the other end of the bed. I couldn’t move my legs anymore.

“What are you doing victor!” I yelled out of fear, has he lost his mind?

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He traced his finger up my thighs but this time I don’t think I was enjoying it. He was reassuring me anymore, I was beginning to shiver in fear. It wasn’t a pleasure anymore.

Then I felt his fingers go deep inside of me with force making me scream.

“Victor! Please stop. I can’t do this anymore.” I cried out but it was like he didn’t hear me. I was on my own on this one.

“Victor I beg you, let’s just do this the way we use to. I don’t want it this way.” I cried out but he was gone.

He kept f**king me so hard with his fingers and it wasn’t pleasure anymore, I felt only pain. I wanted to get away from him but I couldn’t.

What has my husband turned to?

He stopped f**king me with his finger and started rubbing my c**ts so hard. I began to shed tears. I should have said no right from the beginning.

Was this pleasuring him? Hearing and seeing me cry?!!!

He stopped doing that and then I felt him climb the bed again, my heart stopped beating in my chest for a few seconds. I was so scared, what was he up to this time.

Before I could call his name to stop him, I felt his d**k Inside of my p**sy and he began to pound me so hard.

I hated how I felt! I wanted him to stop! I needed help because he wasn’t himself anymore.

“Timi!” His name-dropped in my head. I need to contact Timi, but how? I can’t move from the bed, and my phone isn’t anywhere close.

Suddenly, I got an idea.

“Siri! Call Timi!” I yelled and I heard my phone respond, this made Victor stop abruptly.

“Calling Timi…” My phone responded and for one reason I felt a little safe knowing Timi would come to my rescue.


Victor is out of control 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Timi come to the rescue😓😓😓😓😓


I love y’all 💜💜💜

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