Just One Night – Part 25

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Just one night story



(No strings attached 🙃)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe ❤📚


I got home feeling pretty tired, I wanted to just jump into my bed and drift into the sleep world. I was on my way to do that when my phone began to ring.

I wanted to ignore it at first, but then I changed my mind. It could be Pablo calling because of Grandma.

I picked up my phone and the caller happened to be Sharon. “At this time of the night?” I thought fearfully picking up the call.

“Timi.” I heard her cry and my heart skipped in fear. “What went wrong this time?

“Sh…” I couldn’t call her name completely before she hung up. The way she sounds put this fear in me, I didn’t know where to go to look for her.

The first place that crossed my mind was the path to her house where those low-life rapists always hang around.

“If they did anything to her, I swear I would kill every one of them,” I mumbled walking to the living room.

I picked my keys from the center table and headed out of the night, I forgot I was tired and needed to sleep. All that kept ringing in my head is that Sharon was in danger and for her to call me, I couldn’t ignore it.

I hopped into my car and drove recklessly out of my compound, I hit the road and headed her way without thinking twice.

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I kept preparing for the worse. I pulled down my car drawer and picked up the pistol I had always kept there. I have never used it on anyone, but the person that hurt Sharon today would know how crazy I am.

I placed the pistol on the chair and drove at a very high speed.

After few minutes, I got to where those guys are always standing but they weren’t there anymore.

“Did they run away? Did they take her with them?” I thought in fear. My eyes widened at the thought of this.

“I need to call her back.” I thought, I picked up my phone and called her line, but it wasn’t connecting. It said her number was switched off.

“Those bastards most have smashed her phone.” I thought with so much anger in me. I ignited the engine again and drove to her house.

I wasn’t so sure if it was what I was thinking. “And wouldn’t she let Victor know she is in danger?” I thought.

“Why did you do that Sharon? Why did you call your boss?” Victor asked as he switched off her phone

“You were out of your mind Victor! I kept calling you but you didn’t listen! Let me go now!” She yelled in tears and Victor stood there uttering no word.

He knew he f**ked up and had ruined everything all by himself.

“I am sorry Sharon, I never meant to hurt you. I would never do that.” He apologized with tears in his eyes.

“Is this how you want to treat your wife Victor? Tying her up and hurting her just to give yourself pleasure? Is that it victor?” I screamed feeling so insecure.

I needed someone to save me from my nightmare. I couldn’t stand his face at the moment.

“I will let you go Sharon, but promise me you would listen to me,” Victor stated and instantly, we both heard a knock on the door.

“Sharon!” I heard Timi yell from outside the house.

“Timi!* I yelled back and Victor placed his hand on my mouth.

“Please Sharon, you don’t have to let him know what is going on. We shouldn’t let anyone know about our marriage problems.” Victor apologized in tears.

The next thing I saw was Timi barging into the room. He stormed towards Victor pulled him by the shoulder and started punching him on his face.

“Timi stop! Stop hitting me. Just help me out of these, I want to get out of here! Please.” I cried and this made him stop. But he made sure he gave him a last punch on the face before letting him go.

Victor was on the floor laying there lifelessly, his face and body were stained with his blood. Timi must have hit him pretty hard.

“I need the keys! Where are the keys!” Timi yelled pulling Victor up and shaking him vigorously.

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“The table, on that table,” Victor responded weakly and Timi dropped him letting him fall to the ground.

I have never seen Timi this angry in my entire life. He was like a lion at this point. He picked up the keys and before helping me out he pulled the duvet and covered my nakedness.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he open the handcuffs and I nodded with hot tears ceasing to roll down my face.

I looked at Victor and I saw him struggling to get up from the floor.

“You have no right to interfere in this. This is my wife.” Victor muttered walking towards Timi.

I saw Timi clench his jaw hard trying not to lose his temper.

“I am talking to you! How dare you…” Victor ranted and in anger, Timi stood up and pulled a gun from his back. My heart skipped as I saw him point the gun at my husband.

“You come any closer and you are dead.” He stated.

“Timi please drop the gun, he is still not my husband. Please I beg you in the name of God, don’t shoot. Please drop the gun! And Victor can you please just shut up!” I yelled in tears and Victor raised his hands and moved back.

Timi turned to me and sat on the bed, he placed the gun next to him and kept on releasing me.

He released my second hand and I held my arm in pain. My hands and wrists were hurting due to how much I struggled when he was on top of me. I could see the blood around my wrist.

Timi moved to my legs and began to unlock that too.

“Sharon please don’t go, I am sorry. We can talk about this, I swear I am not crazy.” Victor mumbled.

“I can’t Victor, not today. Not after what you did to me, I called you. I begged you to stop but you didn’t. It was like you couldn’t hear me crying.” I responded in tears and Timi stood up and punched the wall very hard.

My heart skipped and I looked at him. His face was very red, I was burning in fury. I looked at his hand and I saw blood gushing out.

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“Timi, you are bleeding,” I muttered cleaning my eyes. He already removed the bondage on my legs, so I could move them.

He removed his coat and gave it to me. It was a pretty long one.

“Put this on, we need to get out of here now. If we don’t, I could lose control and end up killing up.” Timi said within clenched jaws.

I picked up the coat and wore it weakly. I stood up and I felt pain around my ankles which made me sit on the bed again.

“I can’t stand properly.” I started sobbing.

Timi picked up the gun on the bed and tucked it at his back again. He bent down and lifted me in a bridal style.

“Don’t you think of following me, I wouldn’t be this nice if I see your face again,” Timi said to Victor before carrying me out of the room.

“Sharon!” I heard Victor call from the room. I hid my face in Timi’s chest and kept weeping.

We got out of the house and he carried me to his car, he opened the door and placed me in the front seat carefully.

“Timi,” I called in a whisper.

“Sh… Don’t say any words.” He responded placing his finger on my lips. I nodded slowly, he shut the door and rushed to the driver’s seat.

He hopped in, ignited the engine, and drove out of the premises like he was been chased. I knew deep down that he was still burning in anger, but he didn’t want to act too angry in front of me.

I shut my eyes tight and opened it looking out of the window.

I still found it hard to believe the man I married years ago could do that to me.


Do you think it’s wrong that Sharon called unto Timi for help? 🤔🤔🤔

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