Just one Night – Part 26

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Just one night story



(No strings attached 🙃)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe ❤📚


I didn’t utter any words as I drove Sharon to my apartment, I was still very vexed and I needed to control that.

We drew closer to my apartment and I looked at Sharon and saw her eyes shut. I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or she just shut her eyes.

“We are here,” I said as soon as I parked my car in the parking lot. She opened her eyes almost immediately, and then I knew that she wasn’t asleep after all.

She nodded and opened the door stepping out, she didn’t bother you wait for me to open the door for her. She wasn’t herself and I understood this.

She walked to the mansion without looking back and I followed behind her. She dragged her feet weekly and I knew she was hurting.

I quickly opened the door and led her in still saying nothing, and she also kept mute.

As soon as she got in, she sat on the couch and threw her head backward. I shut the door and approached her. I looked at her for some seconds before talking.

“You are bleeding, we need to stop the bleeding,” I said standing up and walking to my store. I carried my first aid box and walked back to the living room.

I met Sharon the same way I left her. Her eyes were still shut and this time, tears rolled down her eyes.

I sighed squatting in front of her and holding her right hand. She opened her eyes and looked at me, tears filled her eyes and I was heartbroken.

“Thank you, Timi.” She uttered looking away and I sighed pulling out the cotton wool.

“How long has this been going on?” He asked and she sighed resting her back again.

“Started today. Please I don’t want to discuss it right now. I shouldn’t have called you, but you were the first person I could think of at the moment. I knew you would drop whatever you were doing to come to save me.” She uttered and I nodded slowly.

“I almost killed him, Sharon, I couldn’t control the anger in me. The way I saw you on the bed helpless, all I wanted to do is to kill him, Sharon.” I told without looking at her face.

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I cleaned her wrist which was stained with her blood. I could see the damage the handcuffs did to her wrist and I wasn’t happy with it at all.

“He is still my husband Timi. And he was right, I shouldn’t have called a stranger. But I was so scared, I couldn’t recognize my husband anymore.” She said and I shook my head.

“Of course you needed to call me, I am no stranger. What if he killed you in the process? It’s not your fault at all! Any woman would call for help.” I responded and started sobbing again.

“Please let me stay the night here, and then I would go back in the morning.” She told and I furrowed my brows.

“Of course, I can’t let you go back to him this night. But are you sure you would be fine to face him tomorrow?” I asked and she nodded smiling faintly.

“Yes, he is my husband. We would talk and everything would be perfectly fine. Thank you so much for the concern, Timi.” She stated and I bobbed.

“Don’t hesitate to call me when you need help. I would always be here to help you.” I told her and she nodded smiling.

“This won’t happen again. Victor just wasn’t in the right state of mind, that I know. He has never done this before, so I know something is wrong.” She said and I scoffed angrily.

“It still doesn’t justify how he treated you, you are no you Sharon. And don’t try to defend him after what he did! It’s the most annoying part.” I said and she wept to shake her head.

“What do you expect me to do? Leave him and come to you? Just like that? I am married to him.” She said showing me her ring and I gulped nodding.

“Yes, I understand you, Sharon, you are married to him,” I said feeling so hurt by her words.

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I was done cleaning and plastering her hands and I moved to her legs. I cleaned them and plastered them too.

“Have you eaten?” I asked her and she nodded touching the plasters on her wrist.

“Yes, I have.” She responded and before I could say a word, I heard her stomach grumble loudly and I breathed out with my mouth.

“You don’t have to lie to me Sharon, I am your friend,” I said to her standing up and walking to the kitchen.

“I have spaghetti Bolognese, do you like it?” I asked looking at her and she nodded not looking at my face.

After Sharon and Timi left, I stood up from where I laid and sat on the bed with tears in my eyes.

“What have I done? Is something wrong with me?” I thought looking at the place I tied her. I felt so bad for what happened and I wanted to make amends.

“But would she ever forgive me for what I have done? What if she wants a divorce?”

Different thoughts kept running through my mind, I couldn’t figure out where and how to start over.

She now sees me as a monster, and I don’t think I can change that. While I was still seated and in thoughts, I heard a knock on the door.

“Sharon?” I called running out of the room and heading to the main door.

I got to the door and opened the door to see Becca smiling widely in front of my door.

“What the hell! What are you doing here?” I asked in anger making Becca furrow her brows.

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“Hey what’s going on? Why are you so furious?” She asked and I walked-in without uttering any words to her.

“Just go home Becca, what if my wife was around? What would you have told her?” I asked and she shrugged her shoulders.

“I was passing by and I wanted to say hi. You talking like this means that she isn’t at home right? Where would a married woman by at this time of the night?” She asked grinning and I shot her a deadly look.

“Can you please get out? I am not in the mood for this.” I replied and Becca sighed.

“Why do I feel you two argued. You called her name when I knocked like you were eager to see her. You can tell me anything you know.” She said and I sighed bowing my head.

“I chased her out, she knows I am a monster, Becca. She would never forgive me, never.” I uttered holding my head in my hands.

Becca furrowed her brows trying to understand what was going on, and then she got it.

“Shit! You tried it with her!” Becca pronounced and I nodded shutting my eyes tight.

“I didn’t know I would lose control. I wanted to go slowly with her, but then I got carried away.” I told with regrets.

“Why would you even think of trying it in the first place? You are not always yourself Victor, you should have known this earlier.” Becca said and I sighed.

“My therapist said I should try okay? Though I didn’t do it that way he asked me to. I should have told her what I was up to. It was like I raped my wife, I need to apologize and change.” I said resting my back on the couch.

“You can’t change Victor and I don’t think she would ever forgive you because you once told you that she didn’t like the idea and you still went on.” She said and I looked at her.

“What are you trying to say?” I asked.

“Let her go, Victor. She deserves someone better, you should look for someone that likes the same thing as you okay?” She Said standing up and walking out of the house.


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