Just One Night – Part 7

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Just one night story



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Written by Authoress Ti Fe ❤📚


After wearing the gown Victor got for me, I stood in front of the mirror to check out my looks. Trust me, I loved what I saw. I was smiling and immediately I remembered I had wronged Victor, the smile faded away.

“I shouldn’t have,” I mumbled.

“Sharon! The food is getting cold!” Victor called out from the living room jerking me out of my thoughts.

“I will be there in five babies!” I responded picking up my red lipstick and applying them. Perfect!

I walked out of the room with my gold shoe on my feet. I got to the dining table and saw Victor lighting up the candles.

“Isn’t this too much Victor?” I asked and he smiled widely shaking his head.

“Nothing is too much for you baby. Here, come and have a seat.” He said pulling the chair backward so I could sit.

“Thanks,” I stated and he nodded.

“So what should I serve first?” He asked looking at me and I laughed.

“Nothing, don’t worry Victor. I can serve my food, you have done more than enough. You don’t want to wreck your wonderful outfit with your sweat, do you?” I asked and he shook his head chuckling.

He sat close to me with this happiness in him. I didn’t know if there was something else that made him so happy apart from the fact that it was our anniversary.

“You seem so happy, I mean too happy,” I said cutting a piece of the chicken and placing it on my plate.

“I should be happy, having the most beautiful girl in the world as my own.” He said and I flushed slightly.

“Thanks for that,” I responded digging into my food.

“And I must say, you look very gorgeous in that dress. Everything about you is so beautiful.” He said and I furrowed my brows.

It wasn’t normal, he had never complimented me this much since we met. Or is he doing all these because it’s our anniversary?”

“Baby, is there any good news you are keeping from me? Trust me you can tell me.” I said and he chuckled.

“Alright, you got me. Wait.” He said and stood up. He walked to the center table and picked up a paper. I chew the piece of meat in my mouth slowly, waiting nervously for the good news.

“Here, read this,” I said with great happiness as he stretched the paper to me. I collected it and opened the paper and read inwardly.

My eyes widened as I read what was on it.

“This is great news!” I said excitedly and he nodded happily.

“Yes! You are looking at the new manager of Chong For Companies.” He said raising his shoulders and I laughed nodding.

“Yes sir!” I uttered and he laughed. Now I got why he was so happy, he would be collecting trice of what he used to earn as a director.

“I have been thinking since I got the letter and I can’t stop thinking.” He said and I narrowed my eyes.

“Thinking about what?” I asked.

“Our family Sharon.” He said and my countenance changed immediately, I knew where was going.

“I once said I didn’t want children yet because of the expenses but now, we can have children Sharon. We have more than enough to carter for them.” He said excitedly, but when he noticed my look he stopped smiling.

“What’s wrong Sharon?” He asked and I sighed.

“I don’t think I am ready for a child now Victor,” I responded and he displayed a confused look.

“Why? You have always wanted this? Remember you were the one that kept talking to me about having children? Here is what you always wanted right?” He asked smiling.

“Maybe not anymore Victor. I just secured this job, it isn’t up to 5 months, and I can’t just back out because I want to have a baby.” I said and he shook his head holding my hand.

“Baby, remember you started that job because I wasn’t financially stable. But now, I am higher than where I was before. The job is nothing, you can quit anytime.” He stated and I shook my head.

“No Victor, I am not giving up my job now. I love what I do, and having a baby would ruin everything.” I said and he sighed.

“Eat up. We would talk about this tomorrow, today shouldn’t be ruined.” He said forcing himself to smile and I nodded faking a smile too.

“Why can’t he just understand? I wasn’t ready anymore. He should have done something when I was ready and eager. He kept discouraging me.” I thought.

“Excuse me, I need to use the toilet,” I said standing up and he nodded uttering no words.

“Can’t you just finish the food first?” He asked politely and I shook my head.

“I think I lost my appetite, thanks,” I said removing my shoe and walking to the room. He ruined the perfect night and he sucked.

I got to the room, and I shut the door and locked it from behind. I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. I sat on the bed and brought out my phone.

I left the lights in the room off, I didn’t feel like putting it on. I went on my Social Media handles trying to get my mind off the situation that was at hand.

I went online on Facebook and saw a friend request notification. I opened it and I saw the name “TIMI ROBERT.”

“Seriously?” I mumbled opening his profile and checked out his profile picture. It was him, it was Timi. I sighed staring at the display picture.

She looked super hot in it. I bit my lower lip not knowing whether to accept the request or decline. I knew accepting it meant I was trying to accept him into my life and I didn’t want to give him that impression.

I decided not to accept his request, and not to decline either. I scrolled down his wall checking his pictures one after the other.

Then I saw one, he took the picture on a small boat. He didn’t have his clothes on and his body looked so great.

I breathed out staring at the picture and wanted to scroll past it when I mistakenly pressed the like button.

“Oh No!” I muttered covering my mouth with my hand. I quickly unliked it and dropped my phone on the bed breathing hard.

He would see that I liked it! Sharon that was so stupid!

I picked up my phone and left his wall, the last thing I wanted was to click on another picture of his again.

The lights in the room came on, and I saw Victor standing at the door. I sighed and looked away.

“I am sorry okay? I didn’t mean to ruin the dinner. What can I do to make up for the mess?” He asked smiling and I looked at him smiling in return.


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