Killer Coronavirus can be spread through eye contact

The killer coronavirus rapidly sweeping the world could be caught through the eyes, scientists have warned.

Chinese doctor Wang Guangfa fears he may have contracted the SARS-like infection because he wasn’t wearing protective goggles.
Leading experts confirmed it is ‘absolutely possible’, saying the virus can enter the eyes by touching them – if it is on a patient’s hands.
And they even warned the virus – thought to be spread through sneezes and coughs – can roam through the body to reach the eye.
Twenty-six patients have died in the coronavirus outbreak in China, which has struck down more than 900 people and spread as far as the US.
The coronavirus has so far claimed the lives of 26 people – all in China – and infected more than 900 in 10 different countries.
The World Health Organisation last night stopped short of declaring it a ‘global health emergency’, but said there was no doubt it ‘may yet become one’.
The virus – previously unknown to science – first appeared in Wuhan last month. It originated in a meat market and scientists believe it ‘jumped the species barrier’ from snakes, which may have been on sale illegally, to humans.
Symptoms begin with a fever, a dry cough and sneezing. This is followed by shortness of breath about a week later, which can develop into pneumonia.
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