Korra Obidi cries out as her ex husband demands spousal support from her despise paying the kids school fees [video]

By: Sarkolee / November 3rd, 2022 / 29 views

The situation between Korra Obidi and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, keeps getting messy because he is now requesting spousal support.

The mother of two vented her frustration with the never-ending turmoil on her Facebook page, breaking down in tears.

Korra claimed that despite her best efforts, she had lost the belief in peaceful co-parenting.

She asserted that her spouse is requiring her to pay spousal support.

She claims that her attorney contacted her to inform her of his action.

Korra bemoaned the fact that her ex hasn’t helped out financially with the kids’ care, school expenses, or health insurance.

The dancer continued by saying that Justin had requested full custody of the children but had been turned down.

Then he asked for the full custody but now he is asking for spousal support. I was going to not talk about this but it is not ending. I have been paying 1800 on school fees and health insurance and he hasn’t contributed anything.

I got a call from my attorney that he is asking for spousal support and for my children to be taken away from me.

Co-parenting in peace is a lie, this isn’t what co-parenting in peace looks like”

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