Lady allegedly blocks a guy who help her after he mistakenly sent her N30k instead of N3k

By: Sarkolee / May 5th, 2022 / 77 views

A Nigerian man has chastised a girl who stole his money while he was attempting to assist her.

He claimed that he sent her N30,000 instead of N3,000 by mistake, but that she opted to block him after receiving the money.

According to the man, he met her on Facebook, where she cried for aid, and he agreed to assist her, despite the fact that he had no idea she would repay him with wickedness.

He showed screenshots of their conversation, in which she pleaded for money to cook because she was hungry. He felt sorry for her and attempted to donate N3k, but instead sent N30k.


When he realized his error, he aasked the lady to transfer him N25k and keep the remaining N5, but she responded by blocking him.

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