Lady cries out as her fiance jump under the table after she pranks him with arm robbers

By: Sarkolee / October 7th, 2022 / 34 views

A young woman claims she doesn’t think her lover would make a good husband after she sent armed thieves to break into his home.

The young woman, who is looking for a husband who can protect her, claims that she sent armed thieves to break into the home of her lover to see what he would do.

Sadly, the young man fled under the table out of fear. She claimed that she needs a partner who will look out for her needs and protect her.

Her words are:

I took my boyfriend of 6 years to meet my parents. My mother announced she’s going to market to buy groceries to make us food. To my surprise, my fiance did not pay for it.

“Then when armed robbers I arranged to test him, burst into the house with toy guns, my fiance jumped under the table and started crying that he’s just a visitor. I don’t think he’s a husband material.