Lady cries out as she caught her newly wedded husband on the bed with another woman she called his cousin

By: Sarkolee / October 3rd, 2022 / 35 views

After only five months of marriage, a woman is devastated after learning that her spouse is cheating on her.

The recentlywed woman claimed she witnessed her husband having an affair with a woman he claimed to be his cousin.

She described how the man brought a woman home in May and claimed she was a relative while she shared her struggle online.

She explained that the aforementioned relative was always unrestrained in the house and could take whatever she wished, with or without authorization.

The woman claimed that even if she told her husband what her “cousin” had done, he would still pledge to pay her back for what she had taken.

The woman claimed that she finally discovered her husband and the alleged relative in bed when her own brother arrived for a visit.

She then made the chic decision to ask her mother-in-law about the cousin, and she subsequently revealed that they were not actually connected.

l am newly married and my husband cousin is too free in our house. Comes in anytime. In to the bedroom oh. She takes whatever she wants. From my perfume to high end makeup. The day I warned her, My husband warned me in turn. He says whatever she takes should tell him and he will reimburse it.


This is someone who takes food from my pot anyhow. I have been noticing her wayward ways in my home but I didn’t want to act like a jealous wife. My younger brother came visiting because we had a party in my in laws place and we were there. My brother said he saw my husband having sxx with the so called cousin. I stylishly asked my MIL about her and she said they are not related that the girl just lived with them at a time.

Even though she wasn’t comfortable talking about it. I monitored them closely, I left the house and left my two phones on voice recording. One in her room and the other in my matrimonial room. I left to go and do my hair and I spent about 1 hour 30 minutes. I came back and I heard all dia discussion. My husband went to her room and made love to her. How best can I make this dramatic for both of them.

They can’t make a fool of me. We got married just this May. I need to make the both of them suffer. Please no one should beg me.. At the time I met my husband, I let 3 other good men go. I am so sad that I can’t even cry.