Lady narrates how her bestie snatch the man interested in her

By: Sarkolee / July 26th, 2022 / 70 views

Ugochi, a young woman, described how her best friend kidnapped a man from her.


She claimed that the man had been making significant attempts to get her attention and that she also liked him.


She sadly sought counsel from her friend, who told her not to date him since he is rude.


She returned from her trip to learn that her best friend had begun dating the same man.

This cute guy was all over me and doing all he could to get my attention but my bestie told me to ignore him because he’s too proud and rude. Even though I told her how much I liked him, she made sure I didn’t date him, only for me to come back from vacation and they’re dating 💔Some people are actually blaming me and I get it tbvh. I was very foolish

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