Lady narrates how her ex boyfriend took her to the hotel where she met her husband

By: Naijamedialog / August 30th, 2022 / 100 views

An intriguing story about how a woman met her future spouse at a hotel where she had checked in with her ex-boyfriend has been shared.

The woman, who gave her name as Millicent Nwanyimanaria, claimed that she had gone with her boyfriend to a hotel to pick up some paperwork.

She was ordered to wait by the hotel pool while the boyfriend went to get the document.

According to Millicent, as she waited for him, she saw a lovely man who had just left the reception and instantly fell in love with him.

She commanded him to come over, much to her surprise, and he inquired as to why a stunning woman like her was standing outside by herself. She lied, saying she was waiting for her cousin, who had gone inside to see someone.

She was hoping he would ask for her number before her partner returned, but as the talk continued, he did so instead.

She was really disappointed when, days later, the man still hadn’t called, and she was beginning to lose hope until, a month later, he called and apologized for not having contacted earlier.

They eventually got married in 2020, and Millicent tells that they both gave birth to a girl.

Check out her narration here:

How I met my husband challenge

It was in year 2016, when I accompany my then boyfriend to a hotel to get some documents from someone. He asked me to sit in their pool bar and wait for him. As was waiting for him with my cold malt, na so this handsome fresh man came out from the reception, immediately I saw him, I fell in love with him. It was love at first sight ooo


Baba approached me and sat opposite me, he greeted me first and I responded, he was like fine girl, “what are you doing here all alone, are you waiting for someone”? I lied to him him that i was waiting for my cousin that he went in to see someone. Omo baba relaxed and started a conversation, he told me where he came from and i was so happy when i heard Nnewi because I have always wanted to meet someone from that town.

In my mind I was like, collect my number na before this guy will come out abeg, after what seems like ages, he finally asked for my number and i gave him. Immediately after we exchanged number, my then boyfriend came out and we left. This man didn’t call oo, my friends were just laughing at me, that my premium Nnewi man didn’t save my number, that’s why he hasn’t called. After about a month this man called and he apologized for not calling since then because he travelled.

My sisters, relationship started from there o and the rest became a history. We got married in November 2020 and God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl. You guys should not judge me oo, am not always like this, don’t know what came over me that, maybe God want to use my boyfriend to show me my husband. Am happy lied oo because he is my perfect man.“