Lady narrates how her husband sent her away after they spent one night together

By: Sarkolee / October 13th, 2022 / 29 views

Mary Nyambura of Naivasha has described the traumatic event of her husband chasing her away for reasons she is unaware of.

After completing her secondary education, Mary began working menial jobs like housekeeping. She then obtained a second job working in a poultry/pen and was well-paid for it.

Mary claims that she began dating a man after spending some time with him but holding off on sleeping with him until he proposed. Once they were married, she subsequently moved in with him as a couple, and it was only then that she slept with him.

After their first night together, she saw he was distant from her and assumed it was only because it was their first time and that everything will be alright later.

After work, he came back and continued to give everybody the silent treatment. Even the dinner she made for them was ignored, and when she prodded him, he remained silent.

Two days later, for no apparent reason, he chased her out of her marital home. She grew confused about what had transpired and attempted to make amends but to no effect.

Mary did not inform him when she found she had been gone for four months months later. She claimed that she had given birth to the child herself and had been raising the child with the assistance of her mother.