Lady stop from attending friend’s wedding because she couldn’t afford “Aso Ebi”

By: Sarkolee / June 2nd, 2022 / 26 views

A Nigerian woman has explained why she will be unable to attend her friend’s wedding.

Due to other budgetary constraints, the woman known as Gbemmie is unable to buy the asoebi for the occasion, and the wedding has a ‘no asoebi, no admittance’ clause.

When she told her friend about it, she stated that she couldn’t do anything because the event organiser was in control, and she emphasized that asoebi is required for all participants.

Gbemmie expressed her desire to attend the wedding, but owing to her health, she believes she has no choice but to move on.

She posted this on her twitter :

I was really looking forward to attending my friend’s wedding but we move. No aso ebi, no entry. I can’t afford the aso ebi cos I have other budgeted commitments. She said I can’t attend if I don’t buy. Says event planner is in charge.

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