Lady surprise her twin brother with brand new IPhone 13 as birthday gift [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 8th, 2022 / 22 views

In honor of their birthdays, a young Nigerian woman by the name of Oyinlola gave her twin brother an expensive phone.

She gave him a brand-new iPhone 13 for his birthday, and she captured the exchange on camera while doing so.

Oyin could be seen opening the iPhone’s box in a TikTok video and exhibiting it to the camera before giving it to her twin.

In the compound, he was taking a call when she approached from behind and tapped him. When he turned around and saw the iPhone 13, his face lit up with joy.

Her twin brother put the phone on mute and had a look inside the phone pack to make sure there was a brand-new iPhone inside. The youngster immediately ran off jokingly as soon as he saw it.

He returned to give his sister a hug, and the entire viral video of him shows him grinning nonstop.

View the video HERE