Lateef Adedimeji : Biography, Career, Role model and more

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LATEEF ADEDIMEJI: Biography, Career, Role model, and more

LATEEF ADEDIMEJI: Biography, Career, Role model, and more

Lateef Adedimeji is well-known in the Yoruba cinema industry. The greatest actor in Yoruba cinema, Odunlade Adekola, has been likened to him because of his outstanding performances. Thanks to his outstanding performance, he has won the hearts of many.

Lateef Adedimeji’s wealth and extensive bio

This exceptional performer was born on February 1st, 1986, in the Oshodi district of Lagos State, despite being from Abeokuta in Ogun State. Before enrolling at Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State for his undergraduate education, he attended primary and secondary schools while growing up on an estate in Isolo. In the future, he wants to pursue master’s-level education.

After joining a non-governmental organization (NGO) named Community Life Project while still in secondary school, he reportedly began refining his acting and writing skills.

Although he didn’t begin acting professionally until 2007, he has used his acting talent ever since he was a small child. The movie Kudi Klepto was Lateef Adedimeji’s first one. It was challenging for him to pursue his dream of being an actor because he was raised in a deeply conservative Muslim family and had a father who placed more value on education than on stage. He has a tight relationship with Kudirat, a trader who goes by the name, who is his mother. Since his early years, they have had a tight friendship. Long before his father did, she was aware of and supportive of his acting. She is a very pious woman, always praying for him and urging him to do the same. Lateef is a talk show host, actor, writer, and producer.

Because of their striking likeness, if you’ve ever seen Lateef on a movie set, you could have questioned if he’s the younger brother of well-known actor Odunlade Adekola.

However, they are not related and have only one thing in common: excellent acting.

Actor Lateef Adedimeji is on the rise quickly. He also works as a TV host, a scriptwriter, and a master of ceremonies (MC)

Although the actor is quite varied, he is best recognized for his extraordinary capacity to become extremely emotional. In fact, some of his supporters have dubbed him a Crying Machine.

You’ll learn a lot of fascinating stuff about this accomplished actor in this article.


The actor said that when he was in high school, acting captured his heart. He made the decision to pursue it full-time, and as a result, he joined a professional theater caucus in 2015.

When he was in high school, he got a taste of his acting potential and was chosen by an NGO to work as a peer educator and counsellor on HIV and other sexually related topics. He was actively interested in spreading information to the general public and market women using his growing acting abilities.

He continued to the university after finishing high school, where he majored in mass communication and received his degree in 2007.

The actor Lateef acknowledged that the beginning trip was difficult when he made the decision to begin his career in Nollywood. He once visited a location where the Murphy Afolabi film “Omo Mushin” was being filmed, but he was forced to leave in tears because he was so little known and people kept asking him who he was.

The actor admitted that there was a period when he was so frustrated that he considered calling Ibrahim Chatta to tell him that he was quitting the business, but Ibrahim counseled him against it. He was able to persevere, and it was fruitful.

Later, he would run into Muyiwa Ademola, Adebayo Tijani, and Afeez Owo, who advised him to join their group and pay his dues. As a result, he started acting in a certain way. He was initially only appearing in one or two scenes, but after some time, bigger roles began to appear.

His first important film part was Kudi Klepto, which he landed. His career has expanded significantly since this picture, which pushed him to popularity. Yewande Adekoya produced the film.

The actor stated that he kept practicing while secluding himself for three days. Because of his preparedness, he was able to impress the crew with his great performance and earn positive reviews. He earned his first acting prize from this film as well.

Since he started acting, Lateef has appeared in more over 100 films. The actor mentioned in an interview that he intends to one day own his organization that makes movies.

Furthermore, Lateef stated in another interview that he would adore to collaborate with Denzel Washington at some point in the future since he admires the way the actor communicates, which frequently makes a lot of sense and continuously gets him thinking.


The actor recently signed an endorsement arrangement with Nigeria’s Numatville Megacity, which promises to be the continent’s first and largest National Tourism and Cultural Megacity.

The actor most recently appeared in an Airtel ad with Idowu Philips, commonly known as Iya Rainbow.


Recently, Lateef married to one of her colleagues whose her name is Mo bimbe.


The actor acknowledged that Ireje was his hardest role since he had to switch between so many different emotions. He had times when he needed to cry and times when he was smiling.

He also highlighted how challenging Kudi Klepto was, but he still managed to deliver the results needed.



Antar Laniyan was acknowledged by Lateef as his inspiration. According to Lateef, Antar Laniyan has a wonderful stride and is an expert voice manipulator.

The seasoned actor really slapped Lateef when they first met on the set, as the actor himself revealed. He asserted that the Antar Laniyan had recently instructed him to always start sentences with a hook and to play around with his voice.

The actor further revealed that Antar Laniyan had endorsed his acting abilities.



For his role in the movie Kudi Klepto, Lateef was awarded Best Actor at the Heritage Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. He also won Best Actor at the Odua Movie Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Along with the City People Awards and Lagos Under-30 Best Actor of the Year Awards, he also won Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the BON Awards for the same movie.



The Great Minds Initiative was established as a result of Lateef’s ardent desire to give back, giving young individuals with potential who lack a platform to express themselves.

GMI links these young people to assist in creating that platform.


Lateef is a devout Muslim who spends his free time reading or praying.


Odunlade Adekola is expected to be succeeded by Lateef, who has said that he thinks Odunlade is a very excellent actor. As a result, he usually watches him perform from a distance before using what he learns to improve his own acting skills.

The actor, however, denies that he acts in the same way as Odunlade Adekola. In fact, each time they speak, he tells Odunlade how his acting is different from his.

According to Lateef, he does acting spontaneously rather than trying to imitate any famous actors.