[Lyrics] Solidstar – Duro

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[Lyrics] Solidstar – Duro

Duro Lyrics by Solidstar.

Duro Lyrics by Solidstar.

Solidstar, a Nigerian singer, has released the song “Duro.” Due to popular demand, we are providing the song’s lyrics here.

Check out the song and lyrics below in case you haven’t downloaded the song yet.

Duro Lyrics by Solidstar.

it’s driftfit baby


? (ahahahahahah…)


You tell me make I carry you for back


carry you for back make we go


you know I can’t take you anywhere you wan go (oh baby)


oh girl you no maintain your front and your back


give you all the lovin’ you deserve


how may we reach where we dey go oo (iye ahh!)


and when I look at my back


girl you I won’t let you down


and I am only where you are ah (oh baby)




dele ahh baby oh dele ah eh oh dele ah ojibeni weji dele ahh ahh kilolewa aa baby mo duro ah ah oh duro uh duro uh duro ohh girl I still dey wait oh ?


and if you look at your time it will tell you there’s no time


and I’ve been reading for a very long time and i be like i dey waste time


oh yeah my bag


everytime i’m looking at my bag ohh everytime i’m checking on my bag ohh


wondering when if you coming back oh


baby when are you coming back oh


ahh mehn nnh duro nhn duro ohh nhn duro ohh ahh


duro ahh baby ehh nhn duro ah


no time I’ve been waiting


no time I’ve been waiting


when you come back


when you gonna see me


when you say don’t go ohh ehhh