Man asked wife who’s earning X2 of her salary to quit her job to take full housewife

By: Naijamedialog / August 29th, 2022 / 108 views


A man accused his wife of breaking their agreement that she wouldn’t accept any work that paid more than his own position.

He described their arrangement on social media while bemoaning what he called a taboo.

The man agreed to pay for her schooling under the condition that she would never have more money than him since he believed she was a housewife who wanted to return to school to better her education.

After graduating from college, she found a solid position and within two years, she was promoted, which resulted in a sizable raise in pay.

However, after completing her studies, his wife was hired, promoted twice, and started making twice as much money as him

He sobbed that she now makes twice as much money as he does and that he had urged her to leave the job because it was taboo but she refused.

The individual mentioned that he felt mistreated and sought advice from social media via an online therapist.