Man cries heavily during radio interview as she reveals that her wife left him when he was seriously ill [video]

By: Sarkolee / May 28th, 2022 / 30 views

A disabled Ghanaian man has described how his estranged wife treated him badly when they were still married, through tears.

During an appearance on Oyerepa FM, he grew visibly distraught as he revealed that his wife abandoned him when he became unwell.

He constructed a house for her, but she never lived in it, according to the bereaved man. He also claimed that she returned a mattress and other stuff that she had given to his father.

He went on to explain how his ex-wife and stepdaughter chose to buy a pub he owned instead of helping him pay for therapy when he was incapacitated.

As if what she had done to him wasn’t enough, he also confessed that she had sold his car.


Click HERE to watch the video

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