Man cries out after his girlfriend who is a black belt holder beats him for slapping her [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 14th, 2022 / 34 views

After learning his girlfriend’s secret talent the painful way, an unhappy man vented on social media.

The man described his experience to a relationship professional, explaining that he had slapped his partner twice because she had done something wrong.

After slapping her, he found himself on the floor and had no idea how he got there, much to his amazement and confusion.

He suggested that she may have injured him with her legs. She is an accomplished martial artist, he later learned.

Despite their sincere regrets, the man said he was finding it difficult to look her in the eyes any longer.

Read his narration below:

“My girlfriend of 6 months did something wrong to me and I slapped her twice the next thing I could remember was seeing myself on the floor, I don’t know how she did it with her leg. I just got some information this week that she’s a black belt holder but she doesn’t look it because of how soft and calm she looks. Sir, she beat me oo but she later apologized for everything, and I to did the same. We’re cool now but I still look at her with that eye I need advice on how to tell her we should break up.”