Man cries out and seeks advice as his wife always goes on business trips with her boss

By: Sarkolee / October 16th, 2022 / 35 views

A confused Nigerian man has appealed for advice online on the actions of his wife of five months.

He admitted that she frequently travels for work with her boss, but he has his suspicions about their relationship.

He claims that it started when they were still courting, but it only became a problem for him after she postponed their honeymoon to accompany the boss on a business trip.

He disclosed that because he was the event’s chairman and had been good to them, the man had spent lavishly on their wedding.

But what worries him is that he and his wife have taken another trip, this time to Abuja for business purposes.

He added that he had challenged his wife about it, but she had responded that they had just been on official business.

The upset man told media strategist Sally Suleiman @is salsu his tale, and she repeated it on the microblogging website Twitter.

The write-up reads; “From my DM

“Hi, I don’t know if I am overthinking. Today makes it 5months since I got married, my problem is my Wife travels with her Boss for work. This has been happening since we were dating but I had no problem with it until she cancelled our honeymoon To travel with him.

This man has been good to us though, he was the chairman of our occasion and spent alot of money for our wedding. I was thinking that once we get married she would stop, but as I speak they are on their way to Abuja for business.

I know you have influential people following you and would love to know what they think. I also want to know what everyone thinks. Yes I have confronted her but she says the trips are for work”