Man divorce his wife because she beat and abuses him

By: Sarkolee / April 19th, 2022 / 97 views

I Won’t Stay Silent: A Muslim man claims he left his marriage because his wife beats and abuses him on Monday.


A Muslim guy caused a social media debate when he revealed why he divorced his wife. Merbaan Talib, the guy, claimed he had been subjected to various forms of domestic violence by his estranged wife, including physical assaults. Merbaan pledged not to keep silent for the guys who have also endured the same fate, lending his voice to the hot problem of marital violence.

As a Muslim male, I will most likely be in the minority of those who speak up, but I will speak up nonetheless. I divorced my ex because I was abused throughout our marriage. When I say abused, I’m referring to verbal, mental, and physical abuse. For the sake of the men who are also suffering, I will not keep silent.

See what he posted below 👇

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