Man invites mistress to her home not knowing when she stole all his property

By: Sarkolee / August 6th, 2022 / 20 views

A woman on Twitter described how her uncle’s infidelity resulted in a double tragedy for him and his family.


Sphesihle, the narrator, claims that the man invited a woman he met online to his house while his wife was away.


Unfortunately, she drugged him and took all of their belongings away while he was sound sleeping.


Although he made up a story about how burglars entered into their home and took everything, there was proof to expose him.

Sphesihle wrote; ”My Uncle and his Wife are currently not on speaking terms, my uncle met a lady on tinder and brought the lady over to their house while she was away, and the lady drugged him and took everything in the house, he first tried to lie that they was a break-in but evidence was found.”

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