Man narrate how he will take his 2 years old son for DNA test because he doesn’t look like him

By: Sarkolee / May 15th, 2022 / 79 views

According to reports, a father wants a DNA test done on his two-year-old son because he believes the child is not his.

The man, who is his friend, was asking for DNA laboratories where the test might be conducted, according to a doctor known as @maxvayshia on Twitter.

The father stated that his son does not resemble him and that he wants to validate his suspicions.

According to the doctor, the man stated that if the test is negative, he will send his two-year-old wife packing while still caring for the child.


He wrote this on his page :

Just got a call from my guy who got married 2 years ago asking for the cost of and where he can do a DNA test. He asked very calmly.

He looked at his is 2 year old son last week and found that his looks are a far cry from anything like his. That’s not even the worrying part…

He said if it comes out negative or a mismatch, he’ll still care for the child but the woman will go and he’ll rename the boy TRABAYE.

I just want him to be calm and then talk to him later.


See his tweet below

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