Man narrate how his ex girlfriend tried to strangulate living oxygen out of him in her apartment

By: Sarkolee / May 5th, 2022 / 93 views

A South African guy took to social media to recount a terrifying incident that occurred in the residence of a female he was dating.

He revealed that while he was at her house, a figure he couldn’t identify strangled him to death.

The unseen power only let go of his neck when his ex returned from her outing, according to the man known on Twitter as @Kokoleo zn.

She did not appear surprised when he informed her what had transpired; rather, the girl stated that she was meant to introduce him when he entered the room.

See his post below


She told her lover that the mystery entity who assaulted him was her Dlozi (ancestor), who is known for being overprotective.

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