Man narrates his experience with her girlfriend having a “male bestie” [Read details]

By: Sarkolee / May 24th, 2022 / 32 views

Last week, a huge conversation on the microblogging website Twitter centered on the subject of people having “bestie” relationships with people of the opposite gender.

According to the majority of Twitter opinions, a bestie connection will almost always turn into an amorous relationship, hence keeping another bestie (of the opposing sex) while in a relationship was strongly discouraged.

In light of the debate, Chemical Brother, a popular Twitter user, detailed his own experience with a girl who labelled him “immature” when he revealed that he won’t be okay with her having a male bestie.

He wrote this on your page

Told this girl I felt uncomfortable about her having a male best friend and I don’t want to come in between their friendship because they’ve known themselves. She called me immature 😂, it was 2018 when this happened and they’ve been dating for 2 years now 😂

Talmbout “the love I didn’t see was right there in front of me” 😂😂😭😂😂. So if I was mature that’s how bestie would’ve knack and collected my babe? Mind you, this guy used to do EVERYTHING with her 😂

It actually pays to be immature sometimes 😂

See his post below

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