Man narrates how his female colleague reported him to his boss over advising her to use deodorant

By: Sarkolee / October 14th, 2022 / 33 views

On Twitter, a user described an encounter he had with a female coworker who, in his opinion, smelled bad.

He claimed he had been enduring the condition for a time but that he was nearing his breaking point.

According to the Twitter user @Chiefhimself, he told the female coworker that she had body odor and needs to buy perfume and deodorant.

She took offense at his remark, as she would have expected, and reported him to their manager.

She said that she was offended and wished for justice to be done.

Sadly, she received service in the form of her employer telling her that he had been considering how to tell her as well.

Chief wrote:

“I finally told my female colleague that she has odour and should get perfumes and deodorants, she got mad and reported me that I insulted her and boss said he has been thinking of how to tell her too. I won the case, big win😌”.