Man reportedly collapse after he discover his wife is his Landlord

By: Sarkolee / August 8th, 2022 / 38 views

Martin Sampa, a man from Zambia, is said to have lost it after learning that his wife is his landlord.

Local news sources claim that stampa has lived there for 15 years and has been paying 3500 kwacha per month for the house (N90,000).

It was also found that his wife was the one who regularly handed his “landlord” the rent.

However, a quarrel broke out when the wife, who was known as Lushomo, found out that her husband was having an extramarital affair.

Martin reportedly told his wife that he wanted a partner with whom he could have sophisticated conversations, which is why he has a side chick.

This irritated Lushomo, who made the decision to come clean and accuse Martin of being illogical for paying her rent when the house they were living in belonged to her.

The man collapsed after viewing the house’s title deeds.

Residents tried to wake him up by dumping buckets of water on him.